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Its cute bc timothée actually has a slight accent in French!

awww really?! haha I have no idea about french all I know is he sounds cute af and it’s so sweet that he’s proud to be french and speaks it! aaaand have i mentioned how endearing it is that he wears an eiffel tower necklace ahhhh

fic: driving circles around me.

she waits in the coffee shop that was always theirs in hopes fate might make an exception and bring her back.

clexa modern au. rated o for #ouch. 2.5k. read on ao3.

Maybe it’s routine that keeps her coming to the same coffee shop.

Maybe it’s naïve hopefulness.

(No, that can’t be it. She hasn’t been hopeful about anything in years.)

An Eiffel tower necklace hangs from her neck in the same spot that it’s been since she was sixteen.

It’s a locket – it opens but she hasn’t had the courage to pry it apart since just after graduation. She knows what kind of demons lurk inside the closed, gold walls of it and she’s not eager to let them out any time soon. Not again.

Long, lithe fingers rise up and drag across the ridges of the locket. It’s been years and it still aches every time she touches it. Maybe that’s why she’s never gotten the courage to take it off. It might weigh heavy against her chest but it’s a weight she’s willing to bear because she doesn’t know what it’s like to be without it. To exist without the constant ache in her chest, the constant feeling that she’s missing something. Not anymore.

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Today was extremely productive in the LT department...

I went to St. Armonds, and met Lau and Larry in Sarasota…

;) and then I splurged and bought myself this Eiffel Tower necklace I’ve been wanting FOREVER.

So now I’m going to take the time to answer my anons from last night! :D

Don’t be afraid to ask more anons!