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Thank you Marissa Paternoster for this iconic weird mean dyke cover of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

7x20 = Eh

There were a few moments I loved:

- “Melissa” in the hoodie

- Twincer (the reveal not the motive)

- Grace & Lily

- Toby & (who we thought was) Spencer scenes

- Jenna clapping back at Addison in that hallway scene…Lived, For. It!

Moments I hated the most:

- Addison Derringer and the stupid spin off scenes. It really took away from the episode, especially the copied barn scene. I AM NOT WATCHING THAT!

- Twincer’s backstory and motive. I love Troian and she killed the role she was given, but no.

- The whole I can’t get married because I can’t have kids drama with Ezria. It was weak just like the police report plot.

- Mona holding Alex and Mary captive.

- Once again, Any of the scenes with Addison.

Final Thoughts:

- They could’ve taken the Twincer storyline further back, but they clearly did not have a plan for this show.

- Making Ezra, Ali, and Toby was a hugely missed opportunity.

- Melissa and Wren deserved better.

- I probably won’t ever re-watch the finale or most of the series again after tonight.

- Ian was right about the reveal. You can tell he had to fake liking it in the interview.

- I still regret spending the last 7 years of my life watching this just for most of the seasons not to matter.

miss-mossball  asked:

Draw an OC you haven't shown us before!

Here she is! 

  I don’t have a name for her yet, but she has some backstory on the works! ;-; So to go a bit further, she’s a Winx Club Oc. She has nature based powers but just more specific I think? Because in the Winx Universe there seems to be an infinite amount of planets/worlds I thought it would be fun to make up one for her . Instead of placing her in any canon ones.So their fashion clothing ranges from a 1800′s era sort of fashion.Also magic is kind of a no no, or you would just be considered a witch.I’d say these folks didn’t get any 101 on fairies and such.(That was a joke)But really just a bad history. That’s pretty much it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I also have some storyboards planned, just a matter of learning how to use PS.

  As a kid I loved this show, I will always remember the first time I watched it on a Saturday morning. Let me tell you guys I was 8 or 9-ish and my mind was blown away when I saw these girls transform. I thought “woah woah what is this?!” So yeah I was hooked XD. As I was growing up, I wondered how cool it would be if I could make my own fairy so voila! Fortunately I came up with her just when I was about to loose interest. Don’t get me wrong this fandom will always hold a special place in my heart. But the new seasons they worked with Nick were horrendous, and just butchered my childhood characters.. And even without Nick there still doing pretty bad. But I’m not gonna rant about it here! XD

 Still I hope you like it! I’m still rough on coloring and stuff ;-; 


in the first few fairly oddparents shorts cosmo is way more smart and not nearly as unfunctional as he is now - so i made a tragic backstory out of it, to give cosmo’s increasing stupidity throughout the show a reason :’D

(although timmy is probably just surprised to hear cosmo talk in sentences that have internal logic)

(also: philip the nickel cameo!)


Emily Deschanel & David Boreanaz - BTS vs Scenes (s1-7)

Imagine being a pilot, crashing into Asgard in the middle of a massive war in your home land. Imagine Loki and probably Thor returning with you to fight in it. You have vital intelligence that you must get to a brilliant scientist, Jane Foster. Upon meeting her, Thor falls in love whilst you and Loki slowly develop feelings that neither of you can deny.

topaz-rabbit  asked:

You know how Mr Alan Ituriel joked about being Black Hat's dad. Okay, what if that were true, and Mr Ituriel was his dad and raised him since he was a barely sentient eldritch squid baby monster thing. How's that possible if BH is probably really fucking old. Easy Mr Ituriel would be some immortal that one day was like"yep, I'm going to raise this demon. Sounds fun." But he's the most suburban of dads ever, but never tried stifling BH's evil tendencies, he encouraged them even.

(Continued) Like Mr Ituriel has seen his son kill several men, and was just like ‘eh, kids will be kids.’ He is an immortal that gives no fucks. He is one of the few humans BH can say he’s ‘fond’ of (will never say it out loud) The one time he visited his son, because he’s a proud pop pop of his sons success and see how he’s doing because HE NEVER CALLS. So as a slight act of payback, he tells EMBARRASSING stories ‘Remember when your powers started to come in Hattie? You scared yourself silly!’

((I am torn between staying consistent with my personal theories and completely abandoning them for this great hc. So let’s just say I’m gonna be very contradictory with whatever the fuck I post, because oh man Normal Dad Alan Ituriel is a very good idea indeed.))

  • Alan, an immortal demi-human with abnormal morals who lives in the Mexican suburbs, is walking by an alleyway or something when he hears some kind of blood-curdling screech
  • naturally his first instinct is ‘oooh what the fuck is that let’s go find out.’ so he looks in a dumpster, and finds one dead-looking prostitute with some kind of Alien-franchise-esque parasite abomination thing crawling out of her chest cavity. It’s covered in blood, seems to be only made of wriggling black tentacles, and hissing.
  • “Aww, cute! Come on little guy, let’s get you cleaned up.” He kinda scoops him up with a shopping bag; he may be immortal, but fuck touching whatever fluids those are. Alan casually carries his writhing, screaming horrorterror baby home in a yellow plastic bag, and promptly throws it into the tub.
  • (Cue the insane bathtime montage where Alan locks it in the bathroom and sprays it with the showerhead until it’s clean enough to touch. BH tries to “kill” him (his hand) several times. Alan laughs.)
  • Once BH is thoroughly doused, he resembles a drenched eldritch cat, a soggy, angry bundle of wriggling flesh, multiple eyes, and gnashing teeth. He has not stopped trying to bite Alan.
  • Alan grabs him by the “scruff” and he immediately starts fighting back. He puts him in a cage until BH tires himself out from screaming and pounding at the bars. The two just stare at each other for a moment, silently regarding the other.
  • Alan sits in front of it and throws a small piece of raw meat into the cage. BH devours it in seconds. Alan unlocks the cage. BH instantly tries to attack him again. Alan puts him back in the cage. He waits a few minutes for the tantrum to end, then repeats the process.
  • eventually BH realizes he can get more food if he stays still for longer. so he stops fighting back and let’s Alan lure him closer, piece by piece. Eventually Alan has BH practically in his lap, literally eating out of the palm of his hand. With more food in him, he’s calmed down a bit. Alan smiles. Okay, this is pretty cute.
  • Only Alan would find BH eating cute tbh, it’s quite fucking disgusting how much raw meat has been spilled all over the place
  • Eventually BH is sated, becoming sleepy and much more complacent. He bites very, very weakly when Alan picks him up. Alan kind of cradles him like a baby, then pets him like a cat. The tentacles quiver. “Weird.” He thinks that means he likes it? BH falls asleep in Alan’s arms. “Cool.”
  • Fast forward a couple months, when BH exits the “larval stage.” That outer casing of tentacles is basically a cocoon, and BH eats and grows and eats and grows until he goes from small cat-sized to human-toddler sized. Then he stops fucking moving.
  • Alan freaks out thinking that he’s killed his adopted son after poking him with a stick for a day doesn’t do anything. Then, the outer casing splits open. BH re-emerges from his “pupal stage” as a fully-grown juvenile, basically a one-year old child. He looks like a miniature version of his current form, but without the dapper clothes or any teeth, and with two open eyes. Alan literally squeals and hugs him. BH tries to bite him again. Some things never change.
  • From there it’s basically like raising a baby, with a couple more eldritch aspects. BH grows twice as fast as an ordinary human. Alan dresses him in adorable baby clothes, not because he needs them, but because it makes him look “soooooo cuuuuute!!!”
  • BH’s teeth grow in, and Alan has to use metal teething rings when normal plastic doesn’t work. BH’s learns how to walk with Alan holding his hands. BH’s claws grow in and Alan files them down for him so he doesn’t hurt himself.
  • It takes about a month or so for BH to start talking. Normally he makes little eldritch blurbles that would make a human’s bones melt. Alan just repeats normal words that sound vaguely similar. Eventually BH gets the hang of it. (BH always claims that his first word was “evil”, but it’s his and Alan’s closest-kept secret that it was actually “papá”)
  • Black Hat’s powers come in during his “evil puberty.” He wakes up one morning feeling a little odd and… shimmery? It feels like his body isn’t quite there, like he’s almost floating outside of his flesh. Then he looks down, focusing on his arm. It solidifies more, feels less fuzzy. He focuses again, bringing the fuzziness back, and watches as it changes
  • Alan is kind of nervous as BH demonstrates how he can turn his arm into an actual, functioning snake. He gets even more nervous when BH starts sleep-teleporting. Alan wakes up with BH on the roof, BH in the garden, BH on the floor of his room, and BH a couple streets away. He always manages to find his son though, he just has to hurry before BH wakes up. (The first time Black Hat woke up after a sleep-teleport, he was confused and scared and started ripping dimensional holes trying to get home. Alan found him about a town over, but it had been quite the scare.)
  • Shortly after this, BH’s “edgy” phase started. (“MY NAME IS MR. WUT NOW DAD”) Alan never really tried to talk him out of it, instead just giving him the eldritch version of “The Talk.”
  • “Now I know that lately your body has been going through some… changes, and I know that might be scary. But any, uh, urges you feel are completely natural, and–” “DAD FOR FUCK’S SAKE I KNOW ALREADY, OKAY?? I’ve been murdering people for like, five months now.” “Oh, okay, if you ever need any, protection, or help hiding a body, you know you can always ask–” “GET OUT OF MY FUCKING ROOM!

It’s a great relationship they have. BH moves out a couple years later to start his business, and refuses to call Alan (out of pride? probably??) Alan doesn’t let him get away that easily, and each year he makes several unannounced visits. It almost always results in some kind of one-sided yelling match between the angry Black Hat and his cheerful dad, as his horrified employees listen on…