Click here to support Help us Save 300 Caged Hens! by Cerise Ostrem
Little Red Bird Sanctuary has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed hundreds of hens, roosters, ducks, geese, pigeons and more since our founding in 2013. Some of our best rescue stories have stemmed from the worst of situations; from cockfighting rings to factory farms, many of our birds did not h...

The Little Red Bird Sanctuary needs donations in order to save 300 battery hens from death. They are raising $3,000 to build a new barn to house these girls.

Please share and donate if you can! This sanctuary not only saves hens, but waterfowl and parrots too. :)

Remember that thing where you’d simulate crushing an egg on someone’s head with your hands? Please, please never do that inside of a Denny’s. It’s offensive to the eggs. They know they’re going to be cracked one day. They try not to think about it. And you bringing it up with a vulgar hand gesture? Well, it’s really rude, okay? Thanks.