Decided to draw what Rama, Gigit, and Texas when they were eggs. This also shows the difference between species eggs.

Rama’s egg is the average size of a Pawniard egg at 8 ½ inches in height. Gigit’s is small for an egg at only 6 - 6 ½ inches in height, this is due to Gigit being born a runt. Texas has the average size of a Cacnea egg at about 12-13 inches in height.

The reason Pawniard eggs are so small is due to the size of a female bisharps womb. Her belly blades don’t allow a female to carry large eggs or too many eggs at once. And smaller eggs are easier to hide and transport. Pawniard are small due to being underdeveloped at birth with soft shells and no teeth. Pawniard cannot survive without their mothers milk or on their own till at least a month old, its around this age that their armor has hardened and their teeth have grown in.

Cacnea have rather large eggs due to Cacturne’s burying their eggs under the dessert sand to protect them from the harsh and rapid changing temperatures. A larger thicker shell makes it easier for the egg to withstand the weight of the heavy sand and/or rocks they are buried under. Cacnea are also more developed than Pawniard at birth being born larger and with teeth giving them the ability to survive on their own as early as 3 hours after birth.