#Arrow / #Olicity Hiatus Survival Kit

We all have our ways of coping on certain extra angsty/painful Arrow Wednesdays (and most times into Thursday), but I, for one, can’t keep drinking alcohol and eating ice cream and chocolate for the next 5 weeks (does eggnog count as a food?)!

So I thought I’d humbly offer up some some ways to help:

Join us on Twitter (if you haven’t already) - things happen over there at the speed of light - and if you follow the right people it can be really fun! Participate in organized trends led by @smoakandarrow (much like our #Olicity Kiss Reblogs), and interact with your favorite actors from the show (Echo Kellum and Charlotte Ross  interact A LOT and share on set photos). It’s also a direct line to Arrow writers, producers, and EP’s - so you can tell them what you LOVE about the show (just remember to focus on what you LOVE)!

Search out your favorite fic writers on all of their platforms: Tumblr, Twitter, AO3, and I have started a “FicBridge” here with links. If you want to be added (or changed/removed), please let me know! SHOW THEM SOME LOVE and SHARE THE FICS YOU LIKE! (FYI: I’ll be overhauling this page soon - it’s purely functional at this point - not very pretty!)

Revisit the “MTV Reblog Fics” tag. For those newer to Tumblr (or just new to following me), we had some AMAZING little fics getting buried in the MILLIONS of reblogs. Yes, MILLIONS - we are that motivated. I tried to tag all that I could find (with help from some eagle eyed bloggers). @jedichick04 also did a Master Fic List HERE. Our fandom came together in the most GLORIOUS way! SHIP OF THE YEAR, BABY!

And finally, a reminder about my fic rec tag “Scu11y22 Fave Fanfics” and Spotify playlists.

Anyone else have any good hiatus advice?