Poetry Readings and Talks

You maybe have seen these, but here are some links to poetry readings and talks… 

Neon butterflies…

Did she just make a Sir Tom Stoppard joke?

(I introduced two of my favorite living writers, Bhanu Kapil and Fred Moten)

Miss this hair…

Tumblr won’t let me embed this video–but here is a performance I did with the media theorist McKenzie Wark. I appear in the 2nd half of the video. No I am not slapping my forehead…I am cracking blue eggs on my head. 

Penn Sound also archived the audio of my reading at Zinc Bar.

Solas Learns to Cuddle

Summary: Based on elvhen-glory ‘s post about how each of the inner circle members cuddle. Starting thinking about how Lavellan would coax him into it for the first time. Fluff, solavellan, general misery because we all know how this ends. Idk if I do this justice, so…we’ll see.

When Lupa rode into the Skyhold stables with a vengeance, it took all of her will not to fall off of the damn beast and onto her face. Hostlers ran about as one of them grabbed the reins from her and another moved a small stepping stool in front of her so that she could jump down. She tried to pretend that she jumped, rather than fell. But the way that the jump jarred her knees and almost made her buckle under her own weight told her that she was worse for wear than she thought. Her thigh twinged and shouted from an errant arrow that’d found its mark.

“Alright there, Inquisitor?” Master Dennet asked, brushing another horse down, eyeing her speculatively. Lupa nodded, biting back a wince.

“A bit sore, but I’ll be fine. Glad to be back.” She replied. Behind her, Vivienne rode in, looking regally fierce and agitated. 

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