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#DemoRock pedalboard by @westcoastpedalboard

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Here’s the pride and joy in all it’s glory

Board 1:  Fender PT-10 > (Arion Octave usually) > Whammy IV > XP-100 Whammy/Wah > Behringer Slow Motion (for right now) > EHX Bassballs envelope filter > Dunlop CFH wah > Fender Chorus > EHX Flanger Hoax > Boss PH-3 > out to board 2

Board 2: Boss BD-2 (usually the Dinosaur Distortion but I’m borrowing the BD-2 from a friend) > Dwarfcraft Eau Claire Thunder Fuzz > EHX/Sovtek Small Stone > Ibanez DE7 Delay > Boss DD-6 > EHX Pulsar > Boss FDR-1 amp simulator > TC Electronic Ditto looper > EHX Freeze

My amp is a 1970 Fender Bassman jumped between the Normal and Bass channels and running into the matching over-sized 2x15 cab and yes, she sounds beautiful with sub octaves and fuzz.

And since they’re in the top pic my main guitars are a Gibson 50’s Tribute Les Paul and a Fender 73 Thinline Reissue