Do you remember that Winnie the Pooh story in which Eeyore had a birthday, and Pooh got him a useful pot to put things in, and Piglet got him a thing to put in a useful pot?

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Revising is like that.  You put the information into your brain.  You take it out again.  If it doesn’t work properly, you try putting it in and taking it out again and again until you can do it effortlessly and on demand.

there we go, finally some momentum. cooking up some food while i eat a several-month old ganja caramel (still delicious), heading over to pease park in a bit with my melodica in search of some quality drum circles @ eeyore’s birthday. suppose you can call that progress. 

i think the light coming in from the window next to me made me look more pale than i am, haha.

Monday Monday

So I’ve had a crazy busy weekend. So busy I could barely enjoy it. Friday night was my bestie’s (the bride) lingerie party. A lot of alcohol was consumed (not by me). Gifts given. My boyfriend was able to attend and got hammered.

Saturday the entire wedding party was running late. The wedding was supposed to be at 1, but didn’t start until 1:40. The shuttle we were all riding in broke down. We never even were able to sit down at Eeyore’s birthday. I didn’t get to partake in the drum circle. I didn’t get very many pics. Before I knew it we had to go. The reception was on a boat at Lake Austin. I was nervous that I was going to get motion sickness especially being pregnant. Once we started moving, I was fine. The boat ride was the best part of the weekend. The scenery was beautiful. The weather was awesome.

Sunday we were going to Sea World. The group had no communication. We left Austin late, and arrived late. We had about 3 hours to enjoy the park. I had fun. I played with my niece Kiayah in the water and watched 2 shows. My boyfriend, on the other hand, was a grumpy motherfucker. I know it was because we showed up so late at the park. It was funny at first because he told me not to worry about it, when I was. A few hours later I could tell he was ready to bite someone’s face off. I did feed him shrimp that night, which made him a little happier.

Until he decided to tell me that he could have organized the whole weekend better than all of us. Well first off, I didn’t really organize any of the weekend activities. I was along for the ride, not trying to be a controlling bitch. It wasn’t my wedding. A lot of the things weren’t in our control. Also, this is from the man who still needed to pack, shower, go pay his electric bill, and pick up his auxiliary cord at work when I got to his apartment ready to leave Friday morning.

Leave it to a man to be able to do everything better. Ha!

Today was pretty awesome though. We went to the aquarium and ate at the most authentic Chinese restaurant I’ve ever been too. I’m glad my boyfriend went though and met my family. His daughter had a good time and that’s all that matters in my point of view.

Oh my God!! And my niece Kiayah is such a doll!! She’s so rambunctious and smart! Her smile is absolutely amazing. All in all, I had a hectic, but awesome weekend. I go back to Austin tomorrow for more adventures.


Filmed and edited by TrevorEliJones.  My first video project!  Song by Devendra Banhart - Carmensita