The Pokémon Go baby name boom has arrived

Like the sudden surge of babies named after Katniss Everdeen and characters from Game of Thrones, Pokémon Go may be influencing what people choose to name their babies. 
According to, there’s a growing trend for naming babies after Pokémon. Specifically, people seem very fond of the lovable, fluffy-tailed Eevee. Since 2015, Eevee has climbed 1,377 places in BabyCenter’s list of popular names for baby girls, coinciding with the stratospheric rise of Pokémon Go.
But that isn’t the only pocket monster name that’s currently enjoying some popularity. Here’s the other Pokémon name that’s inspiring parents.

Ah, Made a Pokemon AU Klapollo!

I really want a Pokemon AU where Apollo is a new trainer starting out with an Eevee, but he doesn’t really want to evolve it. 

Klavier is a famous Pokemon Coordinator with an Espeon and every time he goes in for contests, he always runs into Apollo slowly grows a crush on him. 

Apollo’s Eevee is probs named Trucy and Klavier’s Espeon Ema….shhhh…

Ahhhh, I will probably draw more of this AU!