Ribbon Eel | Rhinomuraena quaesita

As the adult male reaches full size (approximately 1 metre), it begins to turn into a female, and turns yellow. It will then mate, lay eggs, and die within about a month. Due to this short lifespan, female ribbon eels are a relatively rare sight. Females are yellow with a black anal fin with white margins on the fins.  So, they are not all different species, they are just differently coloured, according to sex…. which they can change during their life times!


It’s, it’s an octopus riding an eel.


hello on this fine day here at bunjywunjy dot tumblr dot com and it’s time to talk about weird animals again.

today we’re going to learn about that denizen of the deep sea that looks like it’s in on the ultimate cosmic inside-joke, the Snipe Eel.

(no, they won’t explain it)

about five feet long, they live a dreary existence feasting upon shrimp in the lightless dark, like nature’s saddest cocktail party.

at least they get to gloat over the fact that they have more vertebrae than any other creature on earth. we would say we’re impressed but honestly that just sounds really unpleasant. yikes.

that sure is a thing to be proud of and not a reason to pity them even more, no sir.

while the Snipe Eel rarely appears in popular culture, A TRAGEDY BEYOND MEASURE, it is believed to have inspired the Pokemon Gorebyss.

slap some mermaid boobs and a shitty Speed stat on it and call it a day

a final lesson we can take from our friend the snipe eel is that a big smile will get you anywhere in life, as long as it’s coupled with aggressive wiggling

I keep seeing people do Mermay stuff so I figured I would sneak one in at the end of May here. 

I’ve been using an iPad to draw lately so it was a good excuse to draw something just for me using nothing but the iPad. It is strange! It is very different than what I’m used to doing but I can see it being really helpful to get my process moving a little faster.

Nothing will replace my giant kindergartener sized 9B pencil though.