★ mini hiatus ★

I know you’re all shocked, but I will be on a mini hiatus until September 3rd. I have grad school orientation this week on top of moving (eek!), so I will be very unavailable. In my down time, I’m working on getting TFSN/other blogs things in tip top shape for September, so I will not have time to maintain my own blog as much.

Once I move, however, I will have my own schedule, so I should be very active and responsive :) I’m very excited! 

(I will be around to answer TFSN related questions though, so feel free to send those in as usual. This is just about my personal blog.) 

havoksvmmers  asked:

so me and my friend were watching a x men: apocalypse clip with alex in it and I mentioned that he went to war once and she covered up his hair with her hand so it looked like he had short hair again and started singing I'll make a man out of you and I'm cryin


Glowfic Reading Weekly Report

Because I want to give/encourage more reader feedback on glowfic, but am not nearly Together enough to, like, give it individually on a regular basis. So. “Weekly” in theory; we’ll see how long that resolution lasts.

(I am undoubtedly forgetting to include some threads I’ve read and enjoyed. Forgive me, it’s the first week of classes, I love you all.)

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When you visit his flat there’s big plastic cobwebs and spiders on the wall, black curtains, dusty books, the whole goth rock thing.
Dave’s a fantastic bloke, and he doesn’t look any different than he did 30 years ago.
The rest of the band reckons he has sold his soul to the devil in return for the secret of eternal youth.
—  Captain Sensible (from this article)

Chapter 16 final word count: 12,650.

So now I just have to finish the drawings! Which have such complicated lighting that I will probably need until the end of the month to finish them. Here’s a peek at the color palettes for what’s to come!