Fishing at Marlow  Edwin La Dell  1951 (lithograph)


Edwin La Dell, A.R.A., was born in Rotherham, Yorkshire on 7 January 1914. After attending Sheffield School of Art, in 1935 he won a scholarship to study at the Royal College of Art under John Nash; he later became head of the Department of Lithography at the College from 1948 until his death in 1970. He was elected to the Royal Academy of Arts on 24 April 1969.

La Dell was appointed as an official war artist during the Second World War, working on both public murals and camouflage, but his best known works are those from the post-war era, in particular the lithographs he created for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, for the School Prints scheme,for Lyons Tea Rooms and his own series of Oxford, Cambridge, Kent and New York. His work was exhibited throughout the world during this period under the auspices of the British Council.