Twilight-Style Covers If Edward Were The Protagonist

A red glass rose for Twilight (Midnight Sun), as a symbol of love- a red rose- but in an unnatural state.  Or a delicate rose for Bella, made colder and harder by Edward’s association.  Something lovely that he believes he’s ruining, essentially- though of course, beauty is subjective.

A mirror for New Moon, first because the main arc begins with him withdrawing to look at himself and what he believes he’s doing to Bella, then because he’s left alone with nothing but himself and his pain for the majority of the story.

A knotted rope for Eclipse, because, in contrast to Bella’s cover where she has Jacob as the one thread she just can’t cut, Edward is eventually willing to accept the idea of their lives being strongly tied to his.

And a rocking chair for Breaking Dawn, first for the more obvious reason: that Edward has a domestic life he never dreamed of (I believe there’s a quote somewhere of Stephenie calling him a “family man at heart,” or something along those lines).  Second, as a callback to the scene in Midnight Sun, when Edward was sitting in the old rocking chair in Bella’s room and he realized how much he loved her- because at the end of Breaking Dawn, Bella is finally able to show him that she really does love him just as much.