i read a lot about art as well as women’s places in sub-movements and what not so i wanted to compile a little list of notable books i’ve read about the intersection of those things, in case it interests you at all cause it does me. some of these take on an explicitly feminist perspective while others are more objective and “historical”/ devoid of political introspection- both narratives interest me. (if this seems at all crude or without nuance it’s because i’m just a book store clerk and not an academic, lol) :

i’m surely forgetting some- but i hope this was at least a little of interest! 

Julio Larraz (Cuban, b. 1944), Calamar, 2014, oil on canvas, 82-7/10 × 57-½ in.
Edward Lucie-Smith: “an experimentalist disguised as a traditionalist.” Inhabiting the realm of the subconscious, his compositions invariably elicit more questions than answers.