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eddie boy with a vampire s/o headcanons?

I was gonna post these yesterday and ended up helping around the house and cooking dinner! My apologies my sweets for the delay anyways without further ado, Fröhliche lesen!)

  • Eddie is a man of many faces, the first time he met you, you must’ve counted around 3 or 4 unique ones. Heightened senses meant you witnessed everything in a sort of 4D way.
  • He and you have frequent chats about that. He always brings it up nonchalant.
  • “I did it again didn’t I?”
  • “Yeah, but planning it doesn’t count.”
  • He comes up with a plethora of strange questions often. Anywhere from “hey can you solve x faster than a human?” to “So since you can turn into a bat can you….?”
  • You’ve got a bit of a sixth sense for when he’s in trouble. So far you’ve been called Batman’s replacement, killed a man with a shoe, and somehow gained an occult following?
  • The two of you bond over puzzles and mystery shows. He’s totally tried getting you into whodunit board games.
  • His mistake was inviting friends to play as well. It’s not that they don’t get along well with you or any other thing like that. But Jonathan Crane is a sore loser and a petty bastard when it comes to games.


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Hey, would you mind writing a story where Edward meets his army S/O at the airport when she lands back in Gotham after a long deployment? Thank you in advance. :)

Wow I’m honored to answer this one! My father was in the Gulf War and served during the Cold War, yours truly is a military brat! I’m gonna stop yammering on and get to the fanfic. Happy Reading love!)

It was a rather muggy, cloudy day in Gotham. There was a good chance of scattered thunderstorms. For two love birds, however, the day was bright and happy-making. You’d been stationed in Germany for a while and truly Eddie was the only thing you actually wanted. Your brothers and sisters in arms spoke of getting BatBurgers or BigBelly Burgers once they landed but no food could sate your needs.

On the ground awaiting your arrival with the intense eagerness of a child in a sweets factory. His heart raced, his hands shook and his arms felt empty. The sign he gripped was decorated marvelously and said ‘Welcome Home (Rank) (Y/N)’ in the limest of green glitter glues.

Finally you were on home soil. Marching valiantly through the terminal and back into Gotham International Airport your eyes immediately fixated on the poster board. The sun peeked his face through the dense grey sky, shining down rapturously on lime green. You didn’t realize how much he stood out sometimes but nevertheless you were always impressed.

He wasted no time dropping the sign and bolting to you, gaining some prying eyes and grins. Throwing caution into the wind he flung himself into your loving arms. The rest of the day was spent on post with you until the night when the Welcome Home ceremony was over. The entire time you stood at the position of attention and knew he had both eyes locked on you. He was getting a bit impatient but for you he’d wait until the end of the world.

You held hands through dinner, it was kind of complicated but you managed. Then the rest of the night was yours together. You were the happiest person in the world and so was he, whether the sun was out or not.