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okay but real talk, lets just replace the course material used to teach mathematics in k-12 in the usa with the art of problem solving. everyone would be so much better for it. and its already written, theres no work involved. 

JUST REPLACE THE FUCKING MCGRAW HILL BOOKS WITH THE ART OF PROBLEM SOLVING. burn the mcgraw hill books to the ground. set them all on fire. leave none of them unburnt. delete mcgraw hill from this earth.

Beyoncé announces college scholarship for women in honor of ‘Formation’ anniversary

  • On Monday evening, Beyoncé updated her website with the announcement of a new scholarship in honor of the anniversary of her landmark album Lemonade.
  • The scholarship, called Formation Scholars, will “support young women who are unafraid to think outside the box and are bold, creative, conscious and confident.”
  • Four scholarships will be awarded to four undergraduate or graduate students at eligible schools. Only one student per school will be chosen. 
  • Beyoncé chose two historically black colleges, Howard and Spelman, and two arts-focused colleges, Berklee School of Music and Parsons School of Design, as the institutions where the scholarships are available. Read more (4/25/17)

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La Sorbonne, Paris by Ludwig Favre

The Paris-Sorbonne University is a French university specialized in letters, arts and human sciences in Paris, France. Ludwig Favre wished to bring to light the amphitheaters of the Sorbonne for a quiet absolute moment, when no students were present in these places.

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It’s very intentional that the US education system doesn’t teach the definitions of communism and socialism in school. They don’t teach kids that capitalism is when the wealthy elite own the means of production, they don’t teach kids that socialism is when the people own the means of production.

What they do teach is in the direct interest of the wealthy elite, the people who control the way the children are educated. You don’t learn true definitions until you look into it, or allotted the opportunity to look into it, usually when you’re already wealthy and have the ability to attend a university.

This obfuscation, this confusion, this is all intentional. It’s absolutely beneficial to capitalists to have the world unsure what revolution is, it’s beneficial for capitalists to have the world not understand that the people could take the means of production from them.

This is the reason most do not know basic definitions of these political ideologies. This is the reason why people so adamantly defend that which is against their own interest, they are lied to from childhood. Indoctrinated in capitalist ideology from birth; built to defend a system structurally eliminating them.