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Any hcs for how Kunikida Ranpo and Fitzgerald would react to an s/o who isn't particularly touchy feely and has a tendency to get sensory overload when cuddled too much? Like they make an effort to offer up cuddles when they can but sometimes they just can't handle it?

Edogawa Ranpo

  • This would be a huge struggle for him, as he craves physical affection and loves the feeling of his significant other cuddling with him. The effort being there matters, of course, but it would still be difficult for him to get used to it.  

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

  • This wouldn’t be too big a deal, though he does have his moods where he craves physical affection. You’re trying to appease him even if it makes you uncomfortable would make him happy, but he insists he can live without it, especially if it can cause sensory overload. 

Kunikida Doppo

  • Not very affected by it to the begin with, as he isn’t the most cuddly person on the planet. He wouldn’t mind if there was a lack of cuddling as long as he could steal a kiss every now and again without upsetting you. He doesn’t mind if you can’t handle cuddling, as he can be much the same way. 
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Ranpo Edogawa–fifth year, and a person of interest to Edgar Allan Poe.

I’m not posting the submission in the post today due to it being over 8,000 words long and accidentally assaulting mobile users with it.

  • Atsushi: Hey guys - Why are you all standing on chairs? Are you playing a game?
  • Ranpo: Yeah we're playing 'we saw a big ass spider and don't know where it went'.
  • Atsushi: [scrambles onto a chair]