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OCTOBER 23: Lilyan Tashman (1896-1934)

Film icon Lilyan Tashman was born on this day in 1896. The bisexual American actress who rocked Vaudeville, Broadway, and the silver screen throughout her lifetime is most well-known today for her roles in Millie, Girls About Town, and So This is Paris.

Publicity photo of Lilyan Tashman from Stars of the Photoplay (x).

Lilyan Tashman was born to a working-class Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York on October 23, 1896. She was the tenth and youngest child to be born to her immigrant mother and father, who had been born in Germany and Poland respectively. She attended Girl’s High School and worked as a fashion and figure drawing model throughout her teen years to help support the family. Her modeling career eventually blossomed into a Vaudeville career and by 1914 she was a part of a successful travelling troupe. Performing became cemented as Lilyan’s career when she was picked up to join the Ziegfeld Follies in 1916.

Her stint with the Ziegfeld Follies, although only lasting two years, allowed Lilyan to get a supporting role in the hit musical The Gold Diggers. She made her film debut in 1921 with the small film Experience, but after her attempt at leaping from the stage to the silver screen wasn’t going the way she planned, Lilyan moved across the county to California. Finally in Hollywood, her career took off; she appeared in five films in just the course of one year and eventually signed a contract with Paramount Pictures. Starring in over 66 films during her career, she became known to audiences for her roles as the “other woman” or the seductive “villainess.”

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Today, many consider Lilyan to have been a bisexual figure. Her first husband was a colleague from her Vaudeville days named Al Lee. The two were married in 1914, but soon divorced in 1921. Her second husband was longtime friend and fellow actor Edmund Lowe. The two lived together in their lavish Beverly Hills mansion called Lilowe, threw extravagant parties, and were touted by the media as being Hollywood’s new darling “it” couple; however, Edmund was a gay man and many believe their marriage to have been one of convenience. Lilyan herself was rumored to have had several trysts with women and even an intense relationship with Greta Garbo, which left Lilyan heartbroken after Greta called it off. There is even a legend that Lilyan was almost charged with assault (for the SECOND time) after she caught the actress Constance Bennett in a compromising position with her girlfriend at the time.

Despite her vitality and scrappiness, Lilyan tragically contracted abdominal cancer at the young age of 36. She would film five more films during the last years of her life, Frankie and Johnny being the last time America would ever see her on film. After entering Doctor’s Hospital on March 21, 1934, Lilyan passed away from cancer at the age of 37. Her funeral at the New York City synagogue Temple Emanu-El saw over 10,000 mourners, fans, and fellow Hollywood elite in attendance.


Malibu Beach Party, 1932
Edward Steichen (American, born Luxembourg; 1879–1973)
Published: Vanity Fair (January 1932)

A glamorous Hollywood crowd enjoyed a beach party at Lilyan Tashman’s Malibu house, including (from left to right) Tashman and her husband, Edmund Lowe, and Kay Francis.

Edmund x Reader: Hidden kisses

Prompt/ask: Hey can I ask for a Edmund x reader where you are Caspian’s twin sister and they fall for each other but Caspian doesn’t like it

Word count: 642

Warnings: None

Setting: VDT

A/N: Sorry if this isn’t exactly what you wanted! I hope you like it regardless.

The air on the Dawn Treader was clear and chilly. You remembered feeling the same breeze on the back of your neck in your distant, murky days spent in Telmar-although those winds were much less extraordinary. 

You inhaled sharply, breathing in the crystal draft surrounding you. The Narnian sea was exceptionally lovely at night. It seemed to dance before you, each wave rippling in the most magical and captivating way, forcing you into a trance of its beauty. 

“You alright?” A voice inquired tenderly from beside you. 

You clearly didn’t seem to notice when Edmund came up to join you on the deck; most of the crew had already gone to bed. 

Edmund always seemed to be there-not that you were complaining. The boy had something about him that captured your interest almost instantly, something that welcomed your presence. Maybe it was those questioning eyes, that messy hair, that soft-spoken tone…or maybe it was just Edmund. You had only just met the young King, and yet you felt as if you had known him for an eternity.

You nodded slowly, averting your gaze from the waters to Edmund’s soft brown eyes, hidden mostly by the dark.

“I just needed some air.” You said, barely moving your lips as you did so. Edmund nodded, seemingly in understanding. He leaned over the edge of the deck, looking out into the vast water-mass you had just been admiring. 

“Lovely, isn’t it?” He suggested thoughtfully. You remained silent, watching him.
“Did you have oceans like this in Telmar? Well, I suppose, Narnia.” He let out a small, nervous laugh. “Uh-you and Caspian grew up together in Telmar however, am I correct? Before you, I mean-” Edmund murmured, fumbling over his words a little.

You chuckled, playing with a strand of loose hair that had fallen into your eyes. “Edmund, I only knew my brother for a mere month of my childhood before we were separated.” You said casually, pausing to lean back away from the side of the deck. “We had the chance to reconnect about a week before the Dawn Treader set sail, actually.” 

Edmund nodded, breathing in. The two of you remained silent for a moment, taking in the feeling of the swaying ship and the increasingly chilly air.

“Oh, look!” Edmund announced suddenly, breaking the silence. In the dark, you could make out the form of him gesturing towards the sky.


Sure enough, as you glanced towards the heavens, you could see a blanket of constellations. It was nothing like you had ever seen before-never in your entire life. 

They weren’t very luminous-you had to look directly up at the sky to catch their light-but they were magnificent. Paintings of centaurs and lions filled the canvas of the sky, showering the stars from each constellation below into your stunned eyes. 

“…wow.” Was all you could muster, so astounded by the images before you. 

“Aren’t they wonderful?” Edmund asked softly. 

You felt him move closer to you, his breathing pace increasing ever-so-slightly. His breath was so close to your neck you could feel the heat radiating off of your skin. 



Edmund paused, his fingertips brushing against your waist and his lips grazing across your ear. 

“Can I kiss you?” He muttered in what was almost a low growl. 

“Edmund! What in Holy Aslan are you doing to my sister?”

Edmund flinched, releasing you immediately and facing Caspian with a dumbfounded expression. 

Caspian, who was glaring at Edmund in utter disgust, was standing in the small threshold where the steps leading to the cabins were. He appeared to be holding what looked to be a wooden cup.

“Caspian-” You started, almost close to laughter. Before you could finish, the cup was flying past your ear and into Edmund’s face.

It seemed like you would have to find some more creative kissing spots.

Lilyan Tashman and Edmund Lowe

In 1925 Lilyan Tashman married her old and dear friend Edmund Lowe. Tashman was a famously feisty blonde with an outrageously expensive wardrobe, who was almost always cast as the conniving bad girl. She also became known (amongst her peers) for her fiery affairs and relationships with a wide variety of women, including a romance with Greta Garbo. Edmund Lowe was also a backstage gay, and together they were one of the most glamorous couples of their era. They were often described as the perfect married couple, and featured in articles like Photoplay’s “How to Hold a Husband/Wife in Hollywood.”

During an eclipse

Edmund: (in a low whisper) Darkness is upon us, we will never see the light again

Susan: It’s just an eclipse

Lucy: A white ring of silver moonlight traps a circle of eternal darkness

Peter: (concerns) Lucy?

Susan: The space between light and dark, life and death, black and white, there are no grey lines

Peter: Su? (Utterly confuse)

Susan, Edmund and Lucy: *glares at Peter* You broke the streak

The problem of crossbows

So throughout the PC movie, we see the Telmarines using crossbows.

And Miraz showed Doctor Cornelius an arrow when talking about the kings and queens of old. The arrow was used as proof of the existence of the Narnians. So what we have here is a clear dichotomy - the Narnians used to use arrows, and the Telmarines do not anymore. 

In the deleted scenes, we also see Susan using a bow and arrows, and Caspian a crossbow. Again, we have a perceptible contrast: the Narnians use bows and arrows, and the Telmarines use crossbows.

So the question is, who taught Edmund how to use a crossbow?

Don’t Let Go (Edmund x Reader)

A/N: We all need Edmund in our lives. ‘Nuff said XD also I am still trying to do the other requests 😅 ty for being patient with me :)

Summary: Edmund has a nightmare the night before he, Peter and Susan go to war. He urges Y/N not to go. However, she sneaks into the war with catastrophic consequences. Set in the Golden Age.

The battle was raging all around him. He looked around to see if his siblings are safe.

Peter is fighting his way to Susan who is overwhelmed by the three soldiers that are cornering her.

He is about to help his sister himself when he heard a scream pierce the air. A sound more horrible than the carnage happening on the battlefield.

“Y/N!” Edmund screamed, sprinting to her as fast as he can.

An enemy soldier knocks him off his feet and he can’t do anything but watch in horror as a sword was plunged into Y/N’s heart.

Edmund woke up with a gasp. He was sweating and gasping for air. At first, his mind was too groggy to process anything, then, after a few moments, his nightmare came back to him.

Y/N dying and him not being able to save her.

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On this day in music history: June 9, 1979 - “Labour Of Lust”, the second studio album by Nick Lowe is released. Produced by Nick Lowe, it is recorded at Eden Studios in London and Love Studios in Helsinki, Finland in early 1979. The second solo release by the UK singer, songwriter, and bassist features members of musician Dave Edmunds’ band Rockpile backing Lowe as well as members of Elvis Costello & The Attractions (whom Lowe also produces), with Costello himself also contributing background vocals on several songs. A pre-fame Huey Lewis also plays harmonica on the track “Born Fighter”. Originally issued in the UK by Radar Records, it is picked up for US release by Columbia Records. The album spins off the hit single “Cruel To Be Kind” (#12 UK and US Pop), co-written by Lowe and his former Brinsley Schwarz band mate Ian Gomm. The album is remastered and reissued on CD in 2011 with one additional bonus track (“Basing Street”, the B-side of “Cracking Up”) by Yep Roc Records in the US and Proper Records in Europe. “Labour Of Lust” peaks at number forty two on the UK album chart and number thirty one on the Billboard Top 200.

Edmund x Reader: Hurry and Make Up

Anon asked: Hi! Can you do an edmund pevensie imagine where you two fight and later he sees a guy trying to flirt with you and he gets jealous and you forgive each other? With fluff? Thank youu!


Edmund slammed the door to his private study shut. He locked the door, hoping (Y/n)  wouldn’t barge in. There was no point in locking the door. Edmund knew she was too angry to see him at the moment. He was ready to throw himself back onto the couch. Almost toppling over, he stopped himself when he saw that someone was already relaxing on the couch.

    He glared at his brother’s sleeping form. He grabbed a pillow and hit him repeatedly on the head. “Ow–what–Edmund! Stop!” he sputtered, trying to grab the object. His reflexes were too sluggish from sleep, however, so Edmund continued to batter him; he absentmindedly thought that he was probably taking the anger out from his and (Y/n) ’s fight on poor Peter.

    “Why are you here?” Edmund asked, hitting again with the pillow.

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