Dating Edmund Pevensie

● Going through tumblr addictions together.
“Are they still in there? ” Peter asked mildly surprised by the fact you and Edmund hadn’t set foot out his bedroom since you both discovered tumblr- and this was three weeks ago.

●Never having a full fridge.
“ED, DID YOU EAT ALL THE FOOD AGAIN?” You shouted from the kitchen to the living room. “NO, WHY’D YOU SAY THAT? ” Edmund tried to sound innocent, but it had been only been the two of you in the house for weeks.

●Teasing him because of his title, everytime he does something bad.
“Aren’t you supposed to be Edmund the Just, not Edmund the ‘go and lie to Susan about who ruined her makeup,’ You teased him.
“Oh shut up!”

●Arguments in morse code.
No one in the room knew what was going on, but what from what they could see Y/N and Ed seemed to both be furiously tapping on the table. They weren’t talking but they were obviously in a heated but silent conversation, what was going on?

●Always getting caught in the worst moments, snogging, cuddling, intense conversations. It always irritates Ed because he never feels he has enough alone time with you.
“Hey Ed- oh sorry!”

●Trying to out do each other in horseback riding or sparing.
“Take that Ed I won!” You shouted jumping up and down in excitement, very few could beat Edmund in sparing but now you were one of the few.

Under the Mistletoe - Edmund Pevensie x (y/n)

Hi guys. I’ve been really really really busy lately and I’ll try my best to post as much as I can, but as I said before I’ve been really busy. I decided as an early Christmas present to you guys I’d post this fic. Again so so so sorry I haven’t been very attentive. (If I have time, I’ll write and post another fic on Christmas day. Stay tuned)

Summary: Edmund hangs mistletoe around the castle as a prank, but it turns against him when he gets caught under it. Based on the headcannon by @aslansblessings.

Word Count: 1341

Warnings: none


“What?” the young king peeked his head around the corner to find his siblings with angry looks on their faces. “Yes?” he blinked innocently.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Susan asked in a dangerously venomous voice, pointing to a small plant hanging from the castle ceiling.

“It’s mistletoe. You know, when you get caught under it with someone you have to kiss them.” Edmund said calmly.

“We know, but why is it hanging everywhere all over the castle?” Peter inquired.

“I’m just readying the castle for the Christmas season.” Edmund smiled cheekily.

Susan and Peter sighed. “Fine.” They said in unison. “You can keep them up until Christmas, but only until Christmas. Afterwards you have to take them off all by yourself. All of them, not a single one is to be left hanging on the ceiling up there. Understood?”

“Got it.” Edmund grinned with an evil look in his eye. “That’ll still leave plenty of time to have some fun with them.” He whispered quietly to himself.

Peter and Susan walked away. Lucy just stood there for a second before turning to head back toward her room. Edmund turned around and smirked, looks like his elaborate prank was on track.

Time Skip – 2 hours later

After 2 hours of walking around the castle grounds hanging up mistletoe here and there Edmund finally retired to the kitchen. He was so hungry that he hardly noticed someone else already there. He was reaching into the cabinet for a bag of tea when he heard a voice. “I already made you a cup.”

He spun around, his eyes finally landing on a certain (h/c) haired girl. “What?” he asked.

“I said, I already made you a cup of tea. Knew you’d come in any moment looking for a cup of tea and a snack.”

“Oh. Thanks, I guess.”

“Biscuits and cookies are on the table.”

He turned to find freshly baked cookies and biscuits on the table. They smelled amazing.

“Thanks.” He said again. “You’re a life saver.”

“I don’t know about life saving, but I am pretty good at baking cookies.” You said with a smile on your face. You put down the cup of tea you were currently drinking and closed the book you were reading. You got up and walked over to him. “So, what have you been doing outside for the past 2 hours?”

“It’s a secret, so I can’t tell you.”

“C’mon Ed. We’re best friends, you can tell me. Is it another prank?”

“Maybe.” The boy said taking a sip of tea. “If it were though, I wouldn’t tell you.”

“Why not? Are you playing the prank on me?”

“Maybe.” He answered with a sly grin. You groaned. “You know what? I’m just gonna go outside and check for myself.”

“Wait! Don’t go!”

You turned around “What?”

“I hung mistletoe all around the castle because I wanted Peter, Susan, and Lucy to kiss people at the Christmas party and I was gonna video tape it to use as blackmail later if I ever needed anything.” He said smiling sheepishly.

You let out a laugh. “Really Ed?! Wow. I mean I knew you were an evil Grinch, but…” You let out another laugh. “This is a whole new level.”

“So… are you going to help me?”

“Definitely. I would not miss out on this for the world.”


“On 1 condition though.”


“If I get caught under the mistletoe I don’t have to kiss anybody.”


“Plus, I get half of the blackmail videos.”

“You said 1 condition!”

“I changed my mind.”

It was his turn to groan. “Fine.” he agreed. “You have to help me hang up the mistletoe in the ballroom now though. The party is in 3 hours.”

“Let’s go then.”

Time Skip – 3 hours later

You walked down the stairs to the ballroom. Edmund said he’d meet you there with a camera, so all you had to do was get dressed. You’d had talked to Susan and Lucy before the ball and helped them with their makeup and dresses. During that time, you didn’t tell them a word about Ed’s plan. After they finished with their clothes they helped you with yours. You were wearing a (f/c) traditional Narnian ball gown with a bit of Christmas touches. You spun around in the gorgeous dress, thinking you looked absolutely stunning. You said you’d meet Susan and Lucy at the ball after you finished with your makeup, which you were currently doing until you were interrupted by a knock on the door. “Come in.” you called to the person outside. Presently, Edmund walked in. “What’s taking you so long? I-” he turned around and took in the sight before him. You looked so graceful and classy and absolutely ravishing. “Um… I… uh…”

You giggled. “Yes Ed?”



“Huh? Oh, right. I, uh, just came up here to tell you that we have our first video. Peter got caught under the one hanging from the chandelier.” He replayed a video of Peter kissing a girl in a very awkward fashion. “You should hurry up if you don’t want to miss all the fun.”

“Alright, alright. Calm down Ed. I’m almost done. Go wait outside, I’ll be there in a sec.” You said while applying the last of your makeup.

Time Skip – At the Party

You looked around the swirl of dresses at people dancing and laughing. You smiled when your gaze landed on a certain black haired king videotaping a couple making out under some mistletoe you had hung there earlier. You walked over to him, completely oblivious to a small plant hanging just above his head. “Hey Ed. Having fun, are we?”

“You will not believe the number of princes Susan snogged tonight.”

“Ha. I think I can make a guess.”

“This was a great idea, couldn’t have done it without you though.” He said smiling sheepishly while looking down at you.

You smiled, “Glad I could help.”

You both kept smiling and staring stupidly at each other until you were interrupted by a voice. Peter’s voice to be exact.

“The Just king looks like he has just been caught under some mistletoe.”

Everyone turned to you and Edmund. You and Ed looked at each other nervously.

“Is it really there? Tell me it’s not really there.” You whispered to him.

“I’m not sure, I don’t remember hanging one here, in this exact spot. I also really don’t want to look.”

“Ok, on the count of three let’s both look up to see. Peter could be just messing with us.”

“Ok. 1, 2, 3.” You both looked up to see a horrifying sight. A small mistletoe was hanging just off centered over the middle of yours and Edmund’s head. You both looked at each other. Peter interrupted again. “Well, are you two going to kiss or what?”

Then something happened that surprised both of you. All of the people at the party started to chant in unison. “Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss.” (Because they had been secretly shipping the two of you the whole time)

“Um…” Ed started then faltered. “Should we um…” He smiled sheepishly at you.

“I don’t mind.” You said smiling. In fact, in was a perfect excuse to kiss your crush, you thought. Unbeknownst to you Edmund was thinking the exact same thing. You both leaned in for the kiss and the whole ballroom quieted. You reached his lips and brought your arms around his neck. He kissed you back with just as much passion, and his arms went around your waist. As you pulled apart gasping for air the ballroom once again burst into cheers in unison. You and Edmund smiled at each other and from across the room you could see Peter winking at the both of you. Susan and Lucy were smiling in the crowd and everyone else was clapping and whistling because they finally had a queen to go with the Just king. You and Ed made a grand exit out of the ballroom hand in hand.

The End


Imagine marrying Edmund during the Golden Years.

“Do you think Aslan will come?”

Edmund cast you a strange look, “What do you mean?”

“Do you think Aslan will come to the wedding?” you rephrased, blinking at Edmund as you waited for an answer.

He simply shrugged, “I don’t know.”

“Well, why wouldn’t he?” you pressed.

“Well, he’s not a tame lion,” Edmund explained, his head tilted to the side as he regarded you. “No one really knows what he’ll do.”

“But he cares about you and your brothers and sisters,” you pointed out, “Why wouldn’t he want to be there for your marriage?”

Edmund opened his mouth to reply when a gust of wind filled the chambers and a deep voice spoke, “You raise a valid point, my dear [f/n].”
Your eyes filled with delight as you threw your arms around the lion’s neck, Edmund following suit, “Aslan! You came!”

The lion let out a rumbling purr, “I would not miss your wedding, child. I am not tame, but neither am I heartless.”

You grinned happily, shooting Edmund an amused look, “I didn’t doubt you for a moment, Aslan.”

He chuckled softly, large eyes crinkling at the edges, “And for that, I offer my blessing.”

Gif Credit: Aslan

If the Pevensie’s got tattoos


Peter would totally get a lion. He loved Aslan and everything he stood for and respected him more than anything else in this, or any other, world. He would probably get it on his back, so that if he had to,(professional work places) he could cover it up.


Susan would probably get something that represented her siblings, but still signified their time in Narnia. The three arrows represented her symbol in Narnia, and each one represented one of her siblings.


I feel like Edmund would get a sword. While Peter’s sword was used for offense, to kill the enemy, Edmund used his for protection. He would get a tattoo of a sword so that he would remember that his weapon was always his words, and with those he was always strong.


Oh, Lucy, my smol bean. Lucy would probably get something small, but she would still want it to be aesthetic and dangerous, like her. I can imagine Lucy getting tattoos on her fingers, small ones that you think are drawn in pen but are actually really cool ink.

Terms Of Surrender

Edmund Pevensie x Reader

Words: 945
Plot: King Edmund and the reader have a snowball fight. It’s too cute for life.
A/N: I’ve been thinking to myself for a while “Hope, you know who you should totally write more of?” The cutie that is Edmund Pevensie. And then it happened. And it was worth.

Originally posted by mleko55

Delicate snowflakes fluttered in the soft breeze, crisp against the grassy meadow as Edmund kicked a dandelion poking out from the white blanket. His lashes dusted his reddened cheeks from the cold, his breath clouding the air in thick wisps.

“Alright Ed, this is very well and good” Lucy chimed, her arms crossed against her chest “but it’s absolutely freezing up here”.
Edmund grinned slyly, tilting his head to the side. “A bit cold for you, Lu?”
(y/n) laughed, and the sound was like music on the breeze; sharp notes against the crisp air “don’t worry, Lucy. You’ll get your revenge”.
Edmund scoffed, ruffling the snowflakes from his hair “Lu isn’t as vindictive as you are, (y/n). Not yet, anyhow.”
(y/n) muttered something about kings being more respectful to their subjects, and Lucy laughed so hard that Edmund’s cheeks flushed.
“Look” Edmund coughed, turning to face the two girls “it’s all very well and good to talk the talk if you’re not going to act on it”.
Lu cocked her brow, stopping in the snow to stare at Edmund, a smile creeping across her features slowly.
(y/n) bit her lip, her eyes rising to meet Edmund’s, and he felt his heart stutter. When she looked at him like that; he felt as though the world was standing still; even the very earth seemed to fall away beneath his feet.

Completely distracted, Edmund didn’t even comprehend the ball of snow when it shattered against his cheek, snowflakes spraying across his jaw in a thousand tiny fractals. The bitter cold stunned him for a second, before he gritted his teeth, a laugh breaking through his throat. (y/n) had taken her chance when she’d been given it; and now the real game would begin.
“You asked for it!” Edmund grinned, sprinting towards a nearby boulder as Lucy cried out, scooping a pile of snow up from the ground. (y/n) reacted almost as quickly, turning to back behind the nearest tree.
Edmund took a fistfull of snow in his gloved hand, packing it down with dilligence. Popping up from his cover, he hurled the ball of ice at Lucy.
Seeing her impending doom at the hands of such a large snowball, Lucy shrieked loudy, ducking face-first into the snow and covering her face in white snowflakes.
“We surrender!” (y/n) cried out from behind the old oak, her hands pressed against the trunk of the tree “I’ll be willing to negotiate the terms of our surrender on common ground”.

Edmund laughed, stuffing more snow into his palm “if this is a ruse, your King can, and will, snowball you into oblivion”.
“No ruse, sire. We’ve truly been rumbled” (y/n) called, pushing away from the tree and into Edmund’s line of sight. 
Edmund swallowed, stumbling up and walking towards the middle of the field. Lucy sat in a pile of snow, a curious amusement plastered on her face, as (y/n) brushed her hair back from her shoulders with one gloved hand, her silk dress trailing in the soft snow as she made her way to Edmund.
When they were an arm’s breadth away from eachother, (y/n) stopped, her lips softly twitching upward as her lashes fluttered, tiny snowflakes framing her eyes. Edmund felt the breath leaving his lungs, his pale face flushing with warmth as he looked down at his feet.
“I hear you’ve given up” Edmund smirked, his hands clasped behind his back “or is this all a cunning plot to take advantage of my trusting nature?”
“That’ll be the day, Ed!” Lucy cried out from across the field, falling back into the snow with a laugh.
(y/n) chuckled, running her fingers across her chin in thought “we will surrender, Ed. On one condition.”
Edmund swallowed.
“Anything” he breathed, biting his bottom lip.
“A kiss” (y/n) whispered, her finger tapping her cheek, flushed from the icy breeze.

Edmund felt his head spin, his heart leaping forwards as butterflies filled his stomach.
Was this real life? Was this happening? Here, now?
“I…accept. These seem like suitable terms” Edmund smiled, taking several steps closer to her. He could smell her perfume; violets and rain, and saw the way her hair curled softly against her cheekbone in the snow. He felt a force pulling him closer; like a soft magic, winding through his head and making everything else fade away.
She turned her cheek towards him, a nervous breath escaping her lips in a cloud of warmth.
Impulsively, slowly, Edmund dropped the snowball he was holding on the ground, the sound of snow on snow ruffling behind him. Dusting his glove against his tunic, he swallowed, placing his index finger on the curve of her jaw, turning her face back to his.
He felt his hand shaking, felt the fire burning wildly in his veins, scorching them. When he’d first arrived at Narnia, he’d just been a boy. But several years had passed; and now, he was no longer the starry-eyed child from another world.
He was a King.
He was a man.
Clenching his jaw, he held her jaw, stroking across her cheekbone with his thumb. And slowly, softly, she leaned in, pressing her lips to his.
Edmund felt his heartbeat in his lips, felt the world standing still, more still than he ever thought possible. He could taste the snowflakes against her tongue, crisp against the pressure of his lips, and he quietly moaned, leaning into her.
He wanted…
Lucy shrieked in joy, and Edmund broke away with a start, his face practically glowing redder than the hottest fire.
“I knew it!” Lucy cried, her hands raised in joy “this is a good day to be alive!”

That it was.

Edmund x Reader: Back Again

Anonymous asked:
Hey! I love your blog!! Could I please have a readerxEdmund imagine where the reader is called to aslan’s Howe to help fight Miraz? And the guards don’t believe her wen she says that she’s the fifth queen of old and attack her and she fights them off. Then caspian fights her and Then she and Ed have a big reunion. Thanks!! (It’s really specific sorry about that. )

~This is quite long, hope that’s okay! Set in Prince Caspian :)~

Your eyes sprung open in an instant as you lifted your head from the pillow, sweat drenching your forehead. You let out a sharp breath, relieved that you had only been dreaming. You didn’t used to get nightmares.

You pulled back the covers and lowered your feet to the hard wood floor. The wood was fading, and as you walked across your bedroom floor, the boards creaked. All you needed was a little water in your face and you’d be fine. You could crawl back under the covers and forget about the dream.

You opened the bathroom door and stepped onto the cold tiles. As soon as you had stepped into the bathroom entirely, expanding your view of the room, you saw the faucet leaking. No, not leaking, pouring.

There was water all over the counter and droplets on the floor. You quickly reached to turn off the faucet. As you pushed the handle back, the water started to flow heavier and heavier.

Suddenly, the sound of shattering glass was ringing through the house. You turned your head, sure that someone else had noticed the noise and came to tell you off, but there was no one.

Then you noticed something even more peculiar. The water that was slowly gathering around you was erupting in tiny shards of glass, smaller than the eye could see. You screamed inaudibly as the pieces began to surround you, trapping your body in a glass cylinder. You tried to scream again, but the glass kept surrounding you, faster and faster, until the layers were so thick that you couldn’t see through them anymore.

Then, there was peace. Silence. The air seemed to tingle like bells as you stood in the center of the glass cocoon-like structure. And then a rush of shock swept through you as the glass shattered all around you, revealing a small stone hill. You looked up to see the Narnian sky, full of life and color. 

“You there!” 

Your eyes widened in shock as two centaurs approached you, spears in hand and eyes narrowed. “She’s a Telmarine. She’s trying to invade the How.” One of them whispered to the other, extending his spear further. 

“N-no, I’m not.” You stepped back a little. “I’m a Narnian. At least I was, anyway.” You inhaled sharply as the spear neared your throat. 

“A Narnian?”

“Yes. I was the third Queen of Old.”

It had been so long ago. Even you had trouble remembering Narnia, but you remembered Peter, Susan, Lucy, and…and Edmund. Right! 

“I was Edmund’s Queen in the Golden Age.” The memories began flooding back. “I…I was Queen Y/n the selfless.” 

“Selfless indeed, giving up your life.” The centaur said, obviously unconvinced as he lifted his blade. You swung your arm, knocking the spear out of his hand. You kicked the other creature in the shin. It seemed you had learned something from your years in battle with the Pevensies. The centaurs however, retaliated, lifting their spears again.

“What’s going on here?” 

The voice of a young man a few years older than you rang from the entrance to…was it the ‘How’? 

“Prince Caspian, this creature was trying to get into the How!”

 “She’s a girl. No need to kill her, Monksworth. Step back, Styuelles.” The centaurs lowered their weapons. 

“I don’t normally fight girls,” Caspian said, unsheathing his sword, “But I will not have any trespassers willing to destroy our armies entering.” 

“Please, I’m unarmed and-”

 “What in Aslan’s name is going on here?” 

You sighed in relief as you heard a familiar voice approach you. His expression softened immediately as he saw your face. “Y/n!”

 Peter shoved Caspian aside, much to the latter’s displeasure, and leaped in to engulf you in a hug. “Oh Aslan, Y/n! I haven’t seen my little sister for 1300 years.”

 You laughed, wrapping your arms around Peter as he squished you. “I missed you, Pete.”

 Caspian’s eyes shot back and forth from you to Peter, confusion spreading across his features. “Your majesty never told me you had a third sister. Aren’t there only four Kings and Queens of Old?”

 “No, she’s the fifth. She’s mine.” 

Your face went blank. Standing before Caspian, eyes wide and chest heaving, was Edmund. “Oh my god.” You said under your breath, letting go of Peter.

 It didn’t matter that there were two centaurs, a prince, and Peter standing around you. It didn’t matter that you hadn’t yet seen Lucy and Susan. All that mattered was the two of you. 

All else seemed to disappear as Edmund came running towards you, meeting you with his soft lips. You missed those lips. 

You heard the others scurry off inside, but you ignored them, pulling Edmund closer. 

Your lips felt warm and content on Ed’s, and as he clutched at your waist, your hands messed around with his hair for what felt like the first time in forever. Your lips parted suddenly. You were looking into Edmund’s eyes, escaping in his orbs. 

The Just King took one look at you before leaning in again to kiss you hungrily. The softness of his skin and the tenderness of his hands were enough to bring you back to all those years ago when you first met. As you pulled away again, Edmund let out a soft laugh.

 “What?” You asked, laughing a little yourself as you leaned into his chest. 

“Nothing.” Edmund rested his hand on your back. “Nothing at all.”

With those words, you knew everything was going to be alright. You were together again. And this time, you wouldn’t leave him. 


(A/N: Hey guys! Remember to eat something, drink some water and take your meds! Love you!)

Narnia Preference: How many blankets he prefers


       Literally all of the blankets in the castle.

       His excuse was that it gets really cold in the stone castle, but you weren’t happy with it. You woke up drenched in sweat the morning after your wedding. While you had gone to sleep with a sheet and comforter on the bed, Caspian had gotten up and draped at least four more blankets over you both.


       One sheet.

       Peter’s just a warm person. He gives you both enough warmth so that the use of blankets isn’t necessary.


       No blankets. Dude. What the heck.

       At first, you didn’t understand why Edmund doesn’t use any blankets. You had seen him nap and use no blankets, but it didn’t really strike you as anything odd. You did, however, realize his reasoning behind it when you first slept in his bed with him.

       You had insisted on using a sheet, at least, teasing Edmund about how weird it was that he didn’t use blankets. He didn’t say anything, instead reluctantly getting under the covers with you.

       Edmund woke you up in the middle of the night, thrashing and whimpering. His actions pulled the blankets off of you, winding themselves around Edmund’s legs, restricting him even more.

       You had quickly woken Edmund up, brushing his hair away from his face as to not obscure his senses further. You two didn’t use blankets anymore, you settling for the fact that Edmund could enclose your entire being with his limbs and Edmund hoping that he wouldn’t accidently hit you during one of his night terrors.