Aunt Jane's Wacky Knife Play Fortress, by 4lung
8 track album

Ever think to yourself, “Wow, that 4lung sure does make some pretty OK music, but if only it were a little grosser, grimier, sexier, more dangerous…”? 

Well you’re in luck!  Because instead of working on commissions like a rational artist who would like to stay alive would, I just finished up a side project I’ve been slowly chipping away at for months, and it’s called:

 Aunt Jane’s Wacky Knife Play Fortress

This tape is an exploration of a whole new style for me, as well as containing the first songs that I have ever used any sort of softsynth for (up to this point i was using soundfonts exclusively, don’t ask me why). It originally started as me trying to make a fistful of spooky downtempo bass-bangers, but i quickly realized that high-energy aural maximalism is something that I can’t escape and have no real desire to.  Some of these tracks were crafted as distractions during bouts of intrusive thought or anxious panic, some in headspaces of sexual curiosity, and some just because of sudden ideas that I thought would be fun.

So here it is, 8 tracks of murderously dancable, non-academically composed mischief, straight from my brain to your ear with a big ugly smooch. 

As always, feel free to name your price (including free). Hope u enjoy,



New Tiesto single just dropped. Hear a snippet on Vine.


My newest Track, please listen to it :)
You may like it.


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  • Five in Three (Remix)
  • Pentatonix

I just heard the original song earlier today and I was obsessed with it. I thought it would be the perfect song to remix so here’s my attempt.

Original song is here: http://avi-basskaplan.tumblr.com/post/138345706941/five-in-three-bose-demo-featuring-pentatonix


If you ship Portgo, understand that it is not true,

If you ship Porton, understand that it is not true.

If you ship Skriplo, understand that it is not true.

If you self ship with a DJ, understand that it is not true.

If you ship Zeddeon, understand that it is not true.

Ships are fine for creative purposes, and are okay for artwork, provided you acknowledge, understand, and are okay with saying that none of those ships (or ships not mentioned) are not true and will most likely never happen.

Doing things like taking Nicole’s (Porter Robinson’s girlfriend) photos are photo shopping Hugo / any other DJ into them is not okay. That is her personal property and you have no right to touch them. She should be allowed to take pictures with her boyfriend just like the rest of you without fear of them being tampered with.

If your ship starts to cross creative borders and begin to tamper with what is actually in their lives, that is no longer okay.

Please keep your ships in obvious fictitious zones, and leave our beloved DJ’s actual loved ones out of it.

Thank you & happy shipping!

This Friday night is that much better, because The Chainsmokers dropped a brand new one. The boys from New York go a trap and pop route on Don’t Let Me Down, which features Philadelphia’s Daya on guest vocals. Don’t Let Me Down is a soaring anthem in every way, a gloriously rousing electronic ballad on which Daya reminds me of both Sia and Elliphant with her magnificent voice. Purchase Don’t Let Me Down on iTunes. And if you’re in the Bay, you have plenty of chances to catch The Chainsmokers live this weekend due to Super Bowl 50.


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