A personal illustration, that was inspired by an article about why kids do not play freely in nature and don’t learn to explore it on their own anymore. One reason was that young parents are too scared and teach them safety very early (no treeclimbing etc.). The other point was that nature is this thing that has to be safed from humanity, therefore they don’t want to let kids roam free as they could disturb, step on/destroy nature. So parents treat trips to nature as a kind of controlled weekend activity and decide what the kids get to experience instead of the children deciding what interests them and what they want to do.The article claims, by this kids loose their curiosity and also don’t experiment with nature or discover flora and fauna anymore.

So I came up with this illustration.

The article (in german) can be found here.


‘Santa Barbara (pt 2 of 2) - model: Ashleigh Good & Andreea Diaconu - photographer: Josh Olins - fashion editor: Clare Richardson - hair: Shon - make-up: Sally Branka - Designers: Alexander McQueen, Topshop, Burberry & Paul Smith - Vogue UK June 2014