“Holy shit.”  The words were out of your mouth before you could think about them, mouth gaping like a fish out of water.  Quickly you tried to recover, snapping your mouth shut and reaching out to pull David into your chest.  “How are you taking it?”  That was a much more appropriate response.

David settled heavily against your chest, forehead coming to rest in the crook of your neck as he pulled you tight against him.  “He’s my dad.  And Michael knew.   This whole time, he knew.  And he didn’t tell me.”

Soothingly you ran your hand up and down his arm, pressing a light kiss against the top of his head.  “I know it’s a lot.”

“It’s a fucking nightmare.”  David breathed.  “This whole week has been one thing after another.”

“I know.”  You sighed.  “But you’re strong.  You can handle this.  And I’m going to be right there with you.”


His head snapped backwards as your blow landed square against his nose.  If it wasn’t for your own blood pounding through your ears you would’ve heard an audible crack.  David’s hands flew up to cover his nose as the blood started to pour from it.  “Fuck!”  He groaned, tilting his head forward just as quickly as it had snapped backwards.

“I’m so sorry!”  You shouted, grabbing David’s arm and trying to assess the damage that you had inflicted.  “God I didn’t mean to hit you that hard!”

“It’s alright.”  David mumbled from under his hands.  He glanced over at you, pulling his hands away for a minute to see if the blood had stopped but putting them right back over his nose when it was evident it was still bleeding.  “To be honest, it was kind of hot.  But Jesus you can land a punch.  Don’t think we have to do anymore training on that right hook.”