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Featured Dawning Soul: Bianca

This week’s Featured Dawning Soul is from my Special Edition Series showcasing the inspiring leaders from my branding course for introverts, “Quiet Voice. Big Impact.” Bianca Coleman​ is a stylist and beauty empowerment strategist. She is  inspired by and passionate about our beautiful individuality and helps vibrant personalities share who they are without words. If you’d like to learn more about Bianca, check out her free gift, “Unleashing Your Exclusive Beauty: A Strategic Guide To Being Self Obsessed” at https://lastweekslooks.leadpages.net/lwl-unleash-beauty-style-minicourse/. Bianca is rockin the “My Time Has Come” Poetic Tee.

DawningSoul​. “Live Your Poetry.” www.dawningsoul.com

Hello Good Sir! You touched a couple of times talking about your prose work or your essays that you, if I get it right, edit as you write. It's a concept new to me. Personally I german-suplex a first draft as fast as I can and than start my way to make it tap to submission via edit. Can you please give a little example of how the "edit as you write" way works? You stop and edit every paragraph as you go? Every time you finish a line? Thank you!

Once I come to a natural pause in the work, I go back and look at what I’ve done and tidy it while waiting for the next sequence of paragraphs to come to me.  

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Final call.

The timed limited edition print run of “Tempest” through @1xrun ends in just over an hour. Thanks to everyone who has already purchased, your support enables me to do what I do and call it “for a living.” I promise to take a break from all the promo after this for awhile.

Full details here: http://1xrun.com/runs/Tempest