Edie McClurg


DRINK when 

  • a new song starts
  • Kristoff talks as Sven
  • Elsa uses her frozen powers (…drink twice for the “Let It Go” song and call it a day, you don’t want to die)
  • anyone says Arendelle
  • Hans shows up

Optional Rule: Finish your drink when Olaf says “Some people are worth melting for.” …Because its probably the best line in the whole movie.

Kai and Gerda: From Major Characters to Minor Characters

In the original fairy tale The Snow Queen, the main characters are two children named Kai and Gerda. Frozen is only a loose adaptation of said fairy tale, but the filmmakers still acknowledged these original characters characters by naming the two main servants of the royal family of Arendelle after them.

Kai is the male servant, the one who has red hair and is rather portly. Of the two, he has more speaking lines and actions within the film. He wakes up Anna on the morning of the coronation, announces and presents Anna and Elsa at the party, presents the Duke of Weselton to them (and accidentally mispronounces the name of his kingdom! XD), is informed of Hans’s fate by the French dignitary, whom he then thanks, and tells the Duke that Arendelle will no longer do business with Weselton (which he mispronounces again, this time on purpose XD). Scenes in which Kai has no spoken dialogue include when he closes a palace window under the king’s orders, helps the king and queen with their luggage in the palace and as they board their ship, when he presents Anna with her horse and a cloak before she sets off to find Elsa, and he is shown applauding with other people before Elsa makes the ice rink.

However, when it comes to Gerda, who is supposed to be the female servant, I am very confused as to which woman is actually her. According to the script, when Kristoff brings Anna back and the gates open, both Kai and Gerda come to help her (Kai also thanks Kristoff and says they will get Anna to Hans), then take her inside.

Then once they bring her into the library, Anna demands a kiss from Hans, and again, by the script, Gerda is the one who says that they will give the couple privacy before she, Kai, the Duke, and the dignitaries leave the room.

So it seems that these spots in the script should make it clear that this woman here is Gerda. If so, she appears earlier in the film, where she closes another window after Kai does, and she is also the woman whom Anna spins around when the latter expresses her excitement about the coronation. The appearance of this woman also matches one in the book A New Reindeer Friend, and the text even says that it is Gerda.

But what really confuses me about Gerda’s true identity is that many fans seem to think that Gerda is the shorter, plump handmaid who skates with Kai at the end, as shown here.

And while her back is turned, it appears to be the same woman with Kai in the scene in which they pull the black cloth over the portrait of the king and queen and mourn for them.

I think most fans get the impression that the woman in these two scenes is Gerda because we see her alongside Kai (although she is not the handmaid who helps bring Anna into the castle). In being the two main servants, it would make sense that they would do certain tasks together. The credits also say Edie McClurg is the voice of Gerda. I have heard her voice many times before, and to me, her voice sounds like it belongs to the aforementioned woman.

So for reasons given above, I am unsure about which woman is actually Gerda. But based on her apparent identification in the script, I am more willing to believe that Gerda is the slender, elderly woman rather than the plump woman seen those couple of times with Kai.

that time i found heaven on my dvr

S10 Ep12Ashes to Ashes
Recorded 9/09, 4:00 - 6:00a
(10/8/98) Cat-and-mouse sparring between Columbo (Peter Falk) and his quarry (Patrick McGoohan), a crafty mortician who killed an inquisitive reporter (Rue McClanahan). Liz: Sally Kellerman. Mrs. Lerby: Edie McClurg. Eddie: Ron Masak. Roger: Spencer Garrett. McGoohan also directed.

Wander Over Yonder “The Tourist” 

June 11th, 10:30 AM, Disney XD

When Wander meets an elder tourist who has seen more of the universe than he has, he becomes ultra-competitive and abandons Sylvia in an attempt to outdo the tourist. Guest starring is Edie McClurg (Disney’s “Frozen”) as the tourist Trudy Traveler.