Ah such ecstatic wonder is experienced while playing with my galactic pallete! Sometimes my art is fairly realistic (concrete/visually paralleling the regular outside world) and at other times it is deliciously rooted in the shapeless shimmer of a free soul. The hybrid kids/e.t.s give clear image at times and then at others they give an abstract pool of succulent color without a concrete ledge for the ego to latch onto. A clear mirror is provided  for me to reflect into or project upon… my choice as always. =D 

 A message came through from the hybrid kids during these colorful transmissions:

Shall we converse on the edge of this tribe? We are an equilateral blend of your nocturnal dreams and adamic wonder… we are the galactic pace and etch of your face when it is enraptured with the gradient of endless love. You are the bridge of light and sweetest flight of creation delivered to earth. Dip the tip of your brush in this hue-man river of life to bring forth the geographic intensive of color so dazzling that your insight sees Source and your electrons spin around the orbit of our ringing hearts. <3 Choose a brush, a dance, or drum and play your name without fragmentation, becoming one nation in a song around the sun. Your art comes without erase for it is not necessary when painting the dream intrinsic to your being. Know the erotic splashes where ecstasy trends with no scheme or theme other than the light artistic in you. Within the art of your naked dreams lie the streams of your greatest healing. We are on a twilight spree of de ja vu- biotic and aquatic within the floating spiral of a crystal note. You sea, we bring a pearly review and know a bliss complete with running waters and living showers, flowing in your veins.  We are bridging the gulf and offer a lense- whether convex or concave- it is all the same in giving a name- yours, and ours too. We are at home on the range and emerald to the core when we meet with you in the deserts… such sweet desserts for us… light slices. Thank you, milky-wayed friend.

These beautiful sonic art frequencies made the last few weeks of painting experiences even more magickal:




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Joe Cocker - Edge Of A Dream

My favorite music from Joe Cocker


Sarah Jarosz - “Edge Of A Dream”


such a beautiful girl, with a beautiful voice, and can play the mandolin like no other.