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  1. 1. Let’s Sing Again - Ambiance 
    Without a song to sing what is there to cling to / Life wouldn’t mean a thing without someone to sing to
  2. If You Could Only See - Tonic
    If you could only see the way she loves me / Then maybe you would understand / Why I feel this way about our love / And what I must do
  3. Black - Sara McLachlan
    If I cry me a river of all my confessions, will I drown in my shallow regret?
  4. Somebody to Love - Queen
    I’m OK, I’m alright / I ain’t gonna face no defeat
  5. No One Mourns the Wicked - Wicked OBC
    And like every family, they had their secrets.
  6. Edge of a Broken Heart - Vixen
    And if I wanna cry I don’t need your shoulder
  7. Shelf in the Room - Days of the New
    Kick me out / Let me go / I don’t belong here no more
  8. That’s What I Get - NIN
    How could you turn me into this? / After you just taught me how to kiss you.
  9. Back on the Road Again - REO Speedwagon
    Well I’ve loved you since the day I met you and I’ll love you till the day I die
  10. Doctor Jeep - Sisters of Mercy
    You can sell one another for fifteen cents

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Vixen - Edge Of A Broken Heart

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REACTION MEME ♣ = discovering them crying BC WHY NOT ( it was either this or falling asleep on. )

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by the edge of her bed he perched, feet spaced equally apart, heart equally broken in two. his fault, he kept telling himself. all his fault. had he backed down without realizing it? there wouldn’t be a next time, no second chance to fix this. god, that’s all he wanted to do. all he asked for. and jonathan perry had never asked for much.

he could barely take this. some unearthly torture of the mind. elbows rested against knees, fingers raking through the disheveled heat-kiss of hair, pulling, pulling harder. everything is tough right now. breathing is a chore, thinking is a suffocating act. the tears barely allowed him to surpass the shock. how could she leave him? like this?

in some sense, it was a selfish thought to have. but he had not been enough. enough to help her the way he really could. despite the own entrapment he’d felt as a child within a concrete jungle of smoke by day and yelling by night, he’d never once had a suicidal urge. so perhaps, he told himself, he had no right to feel such a weird agony.

the door creaked open, the man’s jaw rolled post a sob that racked his rib-cage. palms slipped over eyes, pressed into their concave burn and inhaled so deeply it stung the howls of his lungs. he turned his face, partially hidden against wrists, and lifted a reddened gaze to joey, who stood in the threshold.

all the ice of blue saw was a pathetic and broken soul reflected back. couldn’t even begin to imagine what the other was feeling, considering their history. but it was different, jane had been loved all too differently by so many different men, it seemed. life wasn’t fair but that didn’t mean he had to accept that, allow it to excuse what it had taken.

the notion that forensics swarmed her cooling body like ants was ignited by the heightened sound of shuffling from the basement and in turn, only fueled a bitter fury. “how —” an abrupt pause to clear hoarseness from throat. “ — how long until the coroner gets here?” he doesn’t have it in his heart to make a stab at the paperwork this’ll cost the other.

hands fall, weightless, shaking. his arms hold a strange static-like tingle and it had seemed out of nowhere, once he’d laid eyes on the crime scene, that his legs could barely work in contrast to how fast he’d made it over here. while he wanted this case, the detective was not even from this state. murder-suicide ruled no warrant for him to linger.

all he could feel was a constriction in his chest and the small box housing a ring, kept safe and handy for when the right moment would strike. didn’t seem it ever would. he couldn’t believe the interest in returning it was even there but you couldn’t blame a guy from trying to distract himself with the everyday chores of … rejection.

jonathan took to standing, exhaled anything still pent up. no use, it’d have to ware down with time. an awful thing he had never quite gotten accustomed to. this one wasn’t exactly the type to lessen the grip on what affected him so deeply. he simply did not let go of the past, the mere thought a penny for the anger machine.

“joey —” what could he say? honestly? he doesn’t know what it’s like to lose a best friend. a sister. but he does know what it’s like to lose jane. all sense for professionalism is out the window along with any right state of mind. all jonathan can think to do is suck up the grief and get on with it.

he knew. and he expects, when joey finds out, he will despise him, blame him. that’s okay. because it’s nothing of a new feeling to jonathan. the prospect of the impending conversation on how he let this happen, why he hadn’t stopped david, it all multiplied the sick rush death brought tenfold.

the approach stiff,  the feather-soft thump of knuckles against chest. he swallowed, fingers curling into the fabric of uniform’s night jacket. the air is biting outside and inside, it’s stifling. a relentless atmosphere that offers no comfort to the sorrow of lost love. he blinked, hard and pulled the other man against him.