How am I just now learning about this? It’s a song about Alaska from John Green’s book, filmed in Missoula where Hank Green and I live, with piano accompaniment by my friend Eden Atwood, and she goes to school with my daughter… what a fun overlapping of worlds! Alaska!

Love your child. And be brave. Open your mind. Choose a gender, choose a name, know that you might be wrong. And that’s true for any kid, whether they have ambiguous genitals or not, you could be wrong. We know that’s true because of the trans community. Let that child decide what they want to do with their body and their genitals.
—  Interthoughts: Interview with Eden Atwood (X)
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© Eden Atwood 
◙ Like Someone In Love (Indies Japan, 2010) 
♫ Alfie (Track 09/10)


01 Someone To Watch Over Me
02 My One And Only Love
03 Like Someone In Love
04 All My Tomorrows
05 Make Someone Happy
06 My Romance
07 I Wish You Love
08 So Nice (Summer Samba)
09 Alfie
10 I’ll Be Seeing You