Eden Sher

After watching ; Star vs The Forces of Evil's latest episode

I’m like wtf rite now cuzzz we finally saw the true potential of dark magic!! And Toffee is bound to it or maybe…..he is the darkest of all dark magic…. HMMMMMM and Glossarycky knows about it, maybe Star’s mom does too!! Well guess whose back ? 😍😚

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Have y'all heard of the Middle?

Ok so Eden Sher (who plays Star) plays on The Middle too, has a crush on this guy and he thinks of her as just a friend. And he started to have feelings for her friend. (SOUND FAMILIAR????) She was talking to her dad about her crush on him and how he is really nice and he drives a SAFTY CART around the collage. WOW

After watching ; Star Vs the Forces of Evil's latest episode....

I think Time-out guy might be rite abt star being the source of the Fritz, since her wand is also at the “Fritz” too. Gonna guess, after ‘destroying’ her wand, the balance of evil and good is gone, that’s y the star crystal on her wand is broken in half (obvly), so when that crystal broke, all the other crystals also malfunction uknowwhatimean)

But hey, it’s just a theory, A HALF-BAKED THEORY)