Wow, I finally hit 500 followers! Thank you! 

I recently hit the same number on Instagram as well, so that’s all sorts of amazing. I think a lot of you have followed me due to Bravely Default, and I thank you for the likes and reblogs. It means a lot to me! I read all your tags too, so it’s been pretty neat. I can’t express how much it means to me to know you like my silly doodles and to share the love for this game.

And those of you have been with me a while thank you for staying! I hope the rush of Bravely fan art is okay with you! ^___^;;; I appreciate that you’ve stayed and endured all my spam! XD;

So here’s a little thank you drawing! 

And if anyone is interested, here are other ways to find me. wips are sometimes different depending on my mood. ^__^;