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"Memory Lane" by Eddy Current Suppression Ring

The story goes that these guys worked together in a record-pressing plant and had never played a note when they decided to form a band and make some records of their own—further proof that, in Rock & Roll, creativity matters more than skill.  It’s amazing what you can do with a few simple chords, isn’t it? 


About a month ago I ran into Mikey Young from Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring at the Copacabana on Smith Street. Still got the poster. He was DJing. Dick Diver were playing. So was Handsome Steve’s Steve Miller Band. The Bloody Marys were six bucks. They were shit. I’d been out for the past four days. The night before I keeled over outside the Public Bar ‘cos my insides were turning on me. I didn’t puke, just felt like I’d got a stick between the ribs. It was a good weekend for an arvo gig at the Copa, though. But I wasn’t in the best shape to run into Mikey Young.

I’d been thinking about writing a story on Mikey Young ‘cos everyone had been talking about Total Control being over but it didn’t seem real clear. When I saw him at the Copacabana and asked if he’d do an interview I only had the question of the band’s continued existence in mind, but then when he agreed I thought I’d ask him about his life story instead.

A few weeks later, here it is.

Maybe it doesn’t matter what hospital someone was born at but I like reading about it anyway. Knowing Eddy Current were from the same area as me made me appreciate them more. That video up there was filmed practically just down the road from my house. Those beach houses seem kinda iconic. Knowing that thoughtful, vital artists can come outta this kinda shitty town and do something incredible, instead of having to move to a sharehouse in Fitzroy first, is encouraging. I guess that’s how kids in Geelong feel, too.

There are a lotta reasons I respect Mikey, but I guess they all come back to the fact that he seems to have distanced himself from the spectacle without pretense. I feel like what he’s doing is probably the right way to do things.

I reckon this is the best thing I’ll write this year.



Goes down well with coffee

Review: Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Walking in Unison

By Mariana Timony

Post-punk and garage rock seem to intersect a lot, maybe because the former is an intellectualized version of the latter. Walking In Unison, an EP from Melbourne-based Eddy Current Suppression Ring, certainly embodies qualities of both. The 10-minute long title track leans heavily on a crunchy garage riff and a single chorus repeated about four or five times. It’s snappy enough to not get boring, and I’ve no problem with repetitiveness: repetition, repetition, repetition, as the great man once said. Speaking of Mark E., there’s a definite Fall influence (at least one incarnation of the Fall, anyway, early 80s?) on “Second Guessing”. Both B-side tunes are live versions of studio tracks I haven’t heard. Walking in Unison has the feel of filler, the sort of record put together out of scraps between proper albums, but is an interesting listen nonetheless.

Available on Captcha; purchase here.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Walking in Unison

So Many Things
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  • So Many Things

So Many Things —Eddy Current Suppression Ring.
While riding a bike at top speed is best.

'I'm a good guy, i always be nice, get a bit grumpy here and there but, you know, mainly cos you're a dickhead. Up yours.'

Give em a darn Pulitzer for just that line on it’s own.

Similar themes have since appeared from another Melbourne genius, Abbas Kiarostami.
Oh well he’s actually Iranian but let’s make him an honorary Melbournian for one stupid little blog post.

'We go in search of misunderstanding. When we're in agreement, when we truly understand one another. That's when love comes to an end.'


great great great

Isn't It Nice
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  • Rush to Relax

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Isn’t It Nice

Just spun this sucker last night and it blew me away. A no-bullshit PUNK record that actually feels like an album, with a good length and cohesion. Flipping to the B-Side, I knew I was gonna share something on this album via Tumblr. But, as I got deeper and deeper into the album, the choice become more and more difficult. So, I decided to go with the song I think is most indicative of the bands overall sound. But, this isn’t my favourite song on the album. If you like this one, you gotta check out the B-Side opener “Second Guessing.”