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When MTV was real and about.

“Back in the Eddie Sutton heyday, an OSU basketball ticket was gold. Great teams. Miniature arena. Fabulous atmosphere. You got a chance to go see Sutton’s Cowboys, you didn’t let the tickets lie dormant on the countertop.

That was then. Now, OSU is in the same pickle much of college basketball finds itself. Difficult to get people in the doors for all but the biggest games.”

We're Not Getting Anything On Huggins

A person whom I consider smart told me yesterday that the issue with the allegations made against Bob Huggins is that there isn’t enough evidence. The tweets documented here aren’t enough. In other words, unless somebody’s got incriminating audio or video, Huggins for the third time in his WVU career will get away with what seems like a recurrence of his (potentially serious) drinking problem. 

It is remarkable the amount of evidence it takes for an institution to intervene with…well…an institution like Huggins. You’d think multiple people making the same accusation in a very public forum like Twitter would at least be worth following up on (or at least reporting on, as the local media has essentially refused to do), but instead, the standard seems to be that only those whose malfeasance is captured in very specific ways will receive attention. 

So be it.

But what happens when Huggins handlers don’t keep him off of a recording device? What happens when he gets behind the wheel (again)? What happens when the behavior that’s been skillfully hidden from the public suddenly isn’t, and the excuses about why the topic can’t be covered suddenly aren’t good enough anymore?

As another poster here pointed out to me in a private conversation, maybe we end up with Eddie Sutton.