New epi of #SoooManyWhiteGuys is here and my guest today is the inspiring and empowered actress @hereisgina! She has been an uplifting voice for so many people every since her crazy popular show @cwjanethevirgin hit the scene. So we get into it all today: her fav bad ass jams when she wants to feel strong AF, she shares her losing her virginity story, and she explains how she and other Latina actresses are using their power for good. This interview is one for the ages, y'all! And I was so happy that we finally able to chat on the phone (she was in LA at the time of our call). But before you get to our convo, check this sweet, sweet promo vid Gina and I did. Lol.

So enjoy episode six: “Phoebe and Gina Rodriguez and Eddie Vedder Walk Into A Bar,” which is available on @itunes and http://www.wnyc.org/shows/whiteguys. If you like what ya heard, then please subscribe & leave a comment on iTunes. Love you. Mean it. #YQY #SMWG #GinaRodriguez #JaneTheVirgin

🎥: @delaneysocial (at WNYC Radio)

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