book meme | [5/5] FRIENDSHIPS → Mason & Eddie (Vampire Academy)

“He’d been Mason’s best friend and nearly as funny and lighthearted. But since we’d escaped, Eddie had changed, just like I had. He was still quick to smile and laugh, but there was a grimness to him now, a dark and serious look in his eyes that was always on guard for the worst to happen. That was understandable, of course. He pretty much had seen the worst happen. Just like with Mason’s death, I held myself responsible for this transformation in Eddie and for what he’d suffered at the hands of the Strigoi. That may not have been fair to me, but I couldn’t help it. I felt like I owed him now, like I needed to protect him or make things up to him somehow. And that was kind of funny, because I think Eddie was trying to protect me. He wasn’t stalking me or anything, but I’d noticed him keeping an eye on me. I think after what had happened, he felt he owed it to Mason to watch over his girlfriend.


book meme | [6/6] SHIPS → Jill & Eddie (Bloodlines)

“She’s not just any Moroi. She’s royal. A princess. And you’ve seen how she is! Smart and strong and beautiful. She’s destined for great things, and one of them isn’t being involved with a controversial guardian like me. Her bloodline’s regal.Hell, I don’t even know who my dad is. Dating her is not even possible. My job is to protect her. To keep her safe. That’s where all my attention needs to be.”


“It’s not like that. It was just a kiss. And we talked about it later. Kind of. He says he ‘has to think.’ Whatever that means.” She sighed again, this time in a lovelorn way. “He probably wasn’t really into the kiss and is just trying to find a way to let me down gently.”
“Did he kiss you back?” I asked.
“Yeah, but I think I caught him off guard.”
“Jailbait, he’s a guardian. They’re never caught off guard.”

“Holy crap,” I said. While staring off at Rose and Dimitri, a brilliant flash had caught my eye—a flash on Rose’s finger.
“What’s that?” I exclaimed. “Did you rob Lissa’s crown jewels?”
Rose, in what was a rare look for her, actually appeared flustered. “Maybe it’s too much.”
Dimitri brought her hand up to his lips and kissed the top of it. “No, it’s perfect.”
Jill clapped her hands in delight. “An engagement ring!”
“Hold up,” I ordered. “Show the goods.”
With Dimitri grinning, Rose complied, holding out her left hand for the rest of the table to see. It was a remarkable piece of work. A large, perfectly cut round diamond was set into a lacy square of platinum filigree that was edged in tiny blue opals. It was a statement ring if ever there was one, and a wholly unexpected choice.
“Did you pick that out?” I asked Dimitri. Honestly, I would have expected him to bend a piece of steel with his bare hands and present her with that.
“He did,” said Rose, her normal good humor returning. “He kept telling me that once I turned twenty, it was just a matter of time before he proposed. I told him if he did, he better make it a rock star ring—nothing subtle.”
“That’s pretty rock star,” said Eddie. “How long ago did this happen?”
“About a month,” said Dimitri. “I got her to wear it but can’t get her to set a date.”
She grinned. “All in good time, comrade.”

  • sydney: nice work, eddie
  • eddie: thanks, mom
  • eddie: why is everyone staring at me?
  • jill: you just called sydney "mom"
  • eddie: what? no, i didn't. i said, "thanks, man"
  • sydney: do you see me as a mother figure, eddie?
  • eddie: no. if anything, i see you as a "bother" figure," 'cause you're always bothering me
  • adrian: hey, show your mother some respect

“Look at him!” squealed Jill when I came down the stairs. “He’s gotten so big.”

Even Rose and Dimitri got into the baby admiration. Whereas we’d seen Jill recently, it had been months and months since their last visit. Declan was probably a giant to them. “We should’ve brought him a silver stake,” Dimitri said. “I’m surprised Eddie hasn’t taught him already.”

Eddie, his arm resting on Jill, smiled. “We work on it right after morning nap.”

—  The Ruby Circle, Richelle Mead
Eddie came last, and as we sized each other up, the tears hovering in my eyes finally spilled.
“Eddie, I’m so sorry I lied to you that night.”
He shook his head and pulled me to him. I heard tears choke up his voice. “I’m sorry I couldn’t
stop them. I’m sorry I wasn’t protection enough.”
“Oh, Eddie,” I said, sniffling. “You’re the best protection. No one could have a better guardian
than you. Or a better friend.”
—  I love this friendship, I’m cried a lot in this part

Jill’s favorite thing in the entire world was seeing Eddie smile.

He rarely did it, which is why when he did, she savored them. When he did smile, it was like Jill was falling in love with him a tiny bit more each time. 

He smiled like he didn’t quite know how to; like he wasn’t sure of himself.

When Jill came out of class and saw him there, smiling but not quite, she laughed: a wide, beautiful smile that always startled a huge smile out of Eddie.

He couldn’t control his mouth around Jill. He didn’t want to. 

Her smile made him fall in love with her anew every time.