An evening with Neil Gaiman, FourPlay, and Eddie Campbell, at the Warfield in San Francisco. Many wonderful things happened during the evening, including a full-length reading by Gaiman of the artists’ collaborative work The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains, with accompanying music performed, and accompanying artwork projected on a screen.

As in other circumstances when I’ve thought “I’ll just take the backup camera,” I forgot to consider such questions as whether the backup camera performs decently in the dark. Sigh.

Whenever I’m stuck, I return to books. Usually I’m stuck because there’s a piece missing, without which the other pieces don’t make sense. I have a mighty mulch-pile of books and art and music in my head, but there’s always room for more. Around about that time, FROM HELL was running in TABOO from Tundra Publishing. In it, Moore and Campbell’s ghastly killer has his first victim recite “Salutations to Ganesha.” This is because, as he says, the Hindu god Ganesha is to be acknowledged at the outset of any endeavor, as he is called “The Lord of Obstacles.” He puts ‘em down, he picks 'em up.

This week carlaspeedmcneil launched her new website. The above is a quote from her first blog post.

With the new imagecomics series No Mercy, McNeil’s new collaboration with alexdecampi and nonsequential that launches in April, plenty more folks are soon to become fans of her work in 2015.