Fantastic Beasts recommendation

So I saw Fantastic Beasts today and I loved it. It was amazing and so different from the Harry Potter series (even though HP is perfect). Grindelwald was awesome! Still wish it was Jamie Campbell Bower (cuz of my ginormous crush on the cutie❤️💘💕💞💓💝) playing him, but Depp is still a great actor. Eddie Redmayne was hilarious and Colin Farrell played his role perfectly. Would recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy and magic.

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Santa's Messin' with the Kid
  • Santa's Messin' with the Kid
  • Eddie C. Campbell
  • Blue Yule: Christmas Blues and R&B Classics

31 Days of Christmas: “Santa’s Messin’ with the Kid” from Eddie C. Campbell from the 1991 compilation Blue Yule: Christmas Blues and R&B Classics

While researching this song, I learned that Eddie first jammed with his idol Muddy Waters when he was only 12 years old. 12! At 12, I still trying trying to convince myself that the vehicle Voltron was just as cool as the lions Voltron. Clearly, I was clueless.

“Santa’s Messin’ with the Kid” originally appeared on Eddie’s 1977 debut album King of the Jungle, issued by Mr. Blues Records.

On January 1st 2011, House of Anubis premiered on Nickelodeon.

I want to take this time to thank everyone who has ever been involved. For bringing me to so many great friends, and so many great memories.

I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you