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Two things about Zato's instant kill in Guilty Gear Xrd. 1. How does losing your shadow kill you? and 2. Is the shadow Zato sends out to eat the opponents shadow Eddie? If it is, wouldn't that make Eddie a cannibal for eating other shadows?

In ancient cultures and beliefs, it was a superstition that Shadows are a representation of the Soul.

Some cultures believe that Darkness and Chaos are where the world originated, and that Shadows were born from that Darkness, thus giving birth to Life and holding that life within itself.

There’s also cultures that believe that taking one’s picture can steal their soul.

Because the Shadow imitates life, as does a Mirror, many tend to believe in the idea that these ‘reflections’ are actually ‘alive’.

So what happens to a Shadow or a Reflection, may actually be happening to us!

Even the Ancient Greeks had a belief that if the God Zeus in his sanctuary on Mount Lycaeus lost his shadow, he was doomed to die within the year!  This also applied to the Greeks themselves, that one cannot live long without their Shadow, as if the Soul was separated from the Body.

In Indonesia in Wetar, there are mythical accounts of Magicians trying to injure people by stabbing or hacking at their shadows with a spear or sword, in which case the Shadow is used as something of a focus for Voodoo Magic.

Even cultures such as the Gypsies believed that if the Shadow of a Cross of a Grave fell on a woman with child, she would miscarry.

So in a lot of ways Shadows become like an Omen of Death whether it was someone who came across a shadow, or someone very close to him might die.

So many became superstitious and feared shadows.  Even in Japan, there are concepts like a Ninja Technique of being able to bind a Shadow to stop someone from moving.

Indeed, Vampires and the Devil (and anyone who sold their soul to him) are said to have no “reflection” or “shadow”, meaning they have no Soul (this may not necessarily apply to Slayer).

In Eddie’s case, he claims to be a “Life Eating Shadow”… so it makes sense for him to eat “Life”, and thus potentially consume other Souls.  He’s a “Forbidden Beast” on many levels.

“A wife had a baby, but it was born with only a head and no body. ‘Don’t worry,’ says the doctor. 'Bring him back in five years time, and we’ll probably have a body for him’. So five years go by, and there’s Eddie the 'Ead, as his parents have called him, sitting on the mantelpiece, when in walks his dad. 'Son,’ he says, 'today’s a very special day. It’s your fifth birthday, and we’ve got a very special surprise for you.’ 'Oh no,’ says Eddie. 'Not another fucking hat!’