once upon a time i got bored 

these are in alphabetical order based on song title <3

25 tracks // mikill pane ft. ed sheeran

all about it // hoodie allen ft. ed sheeran

(all along the) watchtower // devlin ft. ed sheeran

back someday // sway ft. ed sheeran

be my forever // christina perri ft. ed sheeran

deepest shame (new machine remix) // plan b ft. ed sheeran, chip & devlin

dreams // krept & konan ft. ed sheeran

everything has changed // taylor swift ft. ed sheeran

guiding light // foy vance ft. ed sheeran

heaven // david stewart ft. ed sheeran

home // fugative ft. ed sheeran

hush little baby // wretch 32 ft. ed sheeran

i was made for loving you // tori kelly ft. ed sheeran

if i could // wiley ft. ed sheeran

meanest man // labrinth ft. devlin, wretch 32, ed sheeran & shezar

nekfeu // reuf ft. ed sheeran

old school love // lupe fiasco ft. ed sheeran

play it loud // giggs ft. ed sheeran

rewind repeat it // martin garrix ft. ed sheeran

suits // kasha rae ft. ed sheeran

teardrop // the collective ft. ed sheeran

top floor // naughty boy ft. ed sheeran

type of shit i hate // ty dolla $ign ft. fabolous & yg (interlude by ed sheeran)

young guns // lewi white ft. devlin, ed sheeran, yasmin & griminal

if im missing anything, if you want something in better quality, or if there is something wrong in general, please send me an ask and ill fix it, enjoy xxx

Backup by Alice : Chapter 30

 Your POV:

I was sleeping when I heard my phone ring and saw Harry’s face. I immediately picked up the phone and was nervous that something bad happened.

*phone call*

“Baby! Sorry for waking you but I have good news!” he says to me and I could hear the excitement from his voice.

“What is it?” I ask him and rubbed my eyes to wake me up “Do you want to video? I just need to turn on the lights first. Wait.” I say and sat up.

“No. It’s fine. This would be quick. I just wanted you to be the first to know.” He says enthusiastically again.

“What is it?” I ask again and laid on my bed and covered myself with the comforter.

“We got our break.” He says and I could tell he was about to cry from happiness “They said we can have a year of break.”

“Really? I’m so happy for you! You guys deserve it.” I say and sat up again. This time fully awake.

“Uhuh. I can’t wait.” He says and laughs a little. “It was a tough battle but they finally agreed.”

“I know how much you guys needed and wanted that break, babe. I’m so happy you guys are finally getting it.” I say and smile.

“Okay. Go back to sleep now, baby.” He says and I shake my head.

“No. We can video. I’m up now.” I say and was about to stand up.

“Hey. You promised remember? Take care of yourself. According to my watch you only slept for four hours. Four more, baby. Four.” He says and laughs.

“Nice word play.” I say and laugh. “Alright. Good night, baby.” I say and was about to put down the phone.

“Hey!” he shouts to the speaker and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“I love you.” I say to him.

“I love you, Y/N.”


Your POV:

I just got out of rehearsals and slumped on the edge of the stage and called Harry as I look around to take in the calm before the storm that was the show tonight.

*phone call*

“Hi baby. I just finished with rehearsals. What’s up? Are you at the hotel now?” I say as I remove my sweater and wipe my sweat off of me.

“Hey babe. Yeah, we just got to the hotel now. I’m so tired.” He says as he sighs.

“It’s okay, baby. At least you can sleep for a whole year in just a couple more months.” I say and tease him, which caused him to let out a loud laugh and just like that he was animated again.

“I know, babe! I can’t wait! Are you ready to have me all to yourself for a year?” he teases and I could just imagine his smug look from the other end of the call.

“I plan to hide from you for a whole year.” I say and laugh.

“Hey little lady, you can try. But you know I’ll find you. I’ll always find you.” he says and we both kept quiet for a minute just taking in everything. “Can you video now?” he asks me.

“Can we video later instead? I’m all sweaty and ugly from rehearsals.” I say and laugh as I lay on my back and look up at the ceiling.

“You always look beautiful to me.” he says and I laugh.

“You just want to video so you can screenshot and blackmail me for all the unflattering photos I have of you.” I say and laugh.

“Okay lady, first of all. I don’t have unflattering photos cause bish be fabulous” he says and I laugh really loud “Secondly, I’m being serious. You always look beautiful to me.”

*video call*

“Oh God!” he shouts and covers his eyes as he snickers.

“Ha. Ha. Funny guy.” I say and roll my eyes.

“Kidding, babe.” He says and winks “I miss you so much.” He says and smiles a little.

“I miss you too.” I say and frown.

“Oh. By the way you forgot to send me your schedule for next month. When you can, send it to me so I can see when we’ll see each other again.” He says and I nod my head and smiled at him “Also, why are you lying on the ground?” he asks and laughs.

“Cause I’m so tired. I can’t make it to the dressing room anymore.” I say and laugh.

“Aw baby. If I were there I’d carry you to your dressing room and give you a massage.” He says and smiles at me.

“Massage me with my sweaty body?” I say and laugh.

“Not just a massage if you know what I mean.” He says and winks at me.

“Harry Edward Styles!” I shout at him and laugh as I look around if anyone was there “What if someone heard you?” I say and laugh again.

“What? You’re my girl. Not their business.” He says and laughs.

“Are you going to sleep now?” I ask him as I saw him drop on the bed.

“Yeah. We have an early day tomorrow. Promo and other stuff.” He says and sighs.

“My poor baby’s too tired. I wish I were there to take care of you.” I say which made him smile.

“I wish that too, babe.” He says and closes his eyes.

“Good night, baby. I love you.” I say to him.

“I love you, baby.” He says and immediately falls asleep.

I watch him sleep on my phone screen and didn’t notice I fell asleep too until Ed was shaking me awake.

“Unless you want the audience to see you half naked I think you should go and prepare for the show.” He says and laughs as he helps me up.

“Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. I was talking to Harry and I guess I fell asleep.” I say as I laugh and picked up my phone to see Harry still asleep on my phone screen.

“I know. He can be a tad boring.” Ed jokes and we both laugh.

I then put my finger on my lips to hush him and pointed to my phone he nods his head and laughed quietly. He walks me to my dressing room and when we got there we both sit on the couch.

“I really should take a bath now but I’m so tired.” I say and laugh.

“You should actually eat first.” He says and chuckles a little “Take a bath and I’ll get you food. I didn’t see you during lunch break and now I know it’s because you like sleeping on the stage.” He jokes and I laugh as he went out the door.

I was about to take a shower when I saw Harry calling.

*video call*

“Hey babe. You’re up already? Don’t you need to sleep more?” I ask him and he just looked angry. “Are you okay?” I ask him worriedly.

“Are you about to take a bath? I can call later.” He says and was looking a bit distant now.

“No. It’s fine. What’s happening?” I ask him and he just shakes his head in anger.

“Liam just woke me up to inform me we’re having a meeting later about our break. He said they changed their mind and that we weren’t going to be allowed to do our break.” He says and I could see he was angry and sad at the same time. “I wanted this so much, Y/N. We all did. We needed it.” He says and drops his head and I could see tears flowing from his face.

“Baby, everything’s going to be fine.” I say to him not really sure what else I could say.

“I’m just tired. So tired.” He says again as he shakes his head and looks up and I saw his eyes were red and my heart sank seeing him like that. “We just need a break you know? Just to breath. Just a break. Just a little break.” He says and wipes away tears from his face.

All I wanted to do was grab him and give him a hug and make all his worry go away. “I’m so sorry, Harry.” I say and didn’t know what else to say.

“I’m so grateful for this opportunity and we all work hard for it and we don’t take it for granted but what’s a little break you know? Don’t we deserve that? People in our position do that, why can’t we? Why can’t they just give this to us. We’ve done everything they asked from us. Everything! For years our life was planned out for us. It’s like we’re not even allowed to think or act for ourselves you know what I mean? We work so hard I don’t understand why they can’t give us just one year.” He says and looks down again and continued crying.

I could feel my tears too. Seeing Harry this hurt was hurting me too. Then I heard a knock on the door.

“Y/N, you done? I got you your food.” Ed says and I look away from Harry.

“Thank you. I’ll come out in awhile.” I say back to Ed and when I looked back at my screen I saw Harry’s face was angry again.

“Who was that?! He screams at me.

“It’s just Ed, babe. He got me food since I missed lunch a while ago. I fell asleep too after we talked.” I explained to try to calm him down.

“He’s fucking bringing you food? What you two an item now? I guess that’s your thing huh? Touring with famous singers then falling in love with them. It’s fine I guess I didn’t know what I was thinking. I guess he is better for you since he’s physically there and he is helping with your career and all. Yeah. I see it now. You two are perfect for each other.” He says and scoffs at me.

“Baby, don’t be like that.” I say and sigh as I shake my head.

“Be like what?” he says arrogantly “Is that why you’re about to take a bath? You wanted to smell good for your date with him? Alright. Don’t worry about it. I won’t disturb you anymore. Go ahead, take a bath and go on your late lunch date with him. Oh and just know he knew that Amber was black balling you in the industry and I had to force him to tell me I guess your little lover boy didn’t tell you that huh?” He says and before I could answer he dropped the call and refused to answer my calls to him so I just sent him a text.

*text message*

You: I love you.

I turned on the shower and started crying. Letting the water wash away the tears. I got dressed and went out and saw Ed sitting on the couch. I wipe my eyes and smiled at him.

“Hey you. Been waiting long?” I ask him as I gave him the biggest smile that I could.

“You don’t have to put on a show for me, love.” He says and I look at him like I didn’t know what he was talking about and he shakes his head. “I heard everything. Walls here aren’t so thick.” He says and laughs a little.

“I don’t know what to do.” I say and I cover my face as I let the tears flow again.

I felt Ed grab my shoulder and led me to sit on the couch as I continued hiding behind my hands as I cried.

“It’s going to be fine. You two have been through much worse. You know he’s just being stupid and lashing out. Those guys are one of the hardest working people I’ve ever known. Ever since they started they’ve been going a hundred miles an hour and don’t really get to rest. I understand how Harry feels. I know they’ve been asking for that break for a long time now and it was shit that they thought they were getting it then being taken away again. It can do a number on a person. It’s like you’re drowning then given a life vest but then taken away again. It can make a person go crazy.” He says and I remove my hands from my face and just looked at him. 


Ed on Calvin’s SC last night.