Ed Ryzowski


Not only is D4VE #002 available through comiXology today, but so is ULTRANOVA, a sci-fi-horror one-shot released earlier this year through Challenger Comics, from Chris Peterson (art), Ed Ryzowski (colors), and myself (script).


The Atlas II-a space craft designed to keep the supergiant star, Argus, from exploding-suddenly goes offline, diverting a nearby astronaut from a long, solitary mission. Once aboard the Atlas II, astronaut Cale soon discovers the crew violently murdered by an inhuman force. As the burning star swells closer to supernova, Cale finds himself in a race against time to save not only his own sanity, but billions of life forms. 

Click here to check out ULTRANOVA on ComiXology for just 99 cents. It’s 28 pages of Kubrickian space-horror in one solitary, all-you-need comic.

Multiversity just named ULTRANOVA best self-published one-shot of 2013!

Ultranova! Ultranova! Ultranova!