Ed McGuinness

That ending picture of Spider-Man and Deadpool on Peter’s phone really gets me like…

How dare you show me that Peter took a Selfie with Wade so that he could have a contact picture for him.

How dare you show me that Spider-Man put his arm around Deadpool when they took the picture.

How dARE you make Wade look surprised, like the picture was totally unplanned. Like he was still figuring out why Spider-Man would have his arm around him or why Spider-Man wanted to take a selfie with him!

I am hurt.


Superman/Batman Annual #1 - “Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One…”

written by Joe Kelly

art by Ed Mcguinness, Ryan Ottley, Sean Murphy, Carlo Barberi, Dexter Vines, Cliff Rathburn, Don Hillsman, Bob Petrecca, Andy Owens, & Rodney Ramos