shout out to all the people with less-than-perfect skin. i’m talking to all of you people with eczema and acne - those of you who have tried every cream and talked to every doctor and still feel like it makes no difference. those of you who avoid wearing certain types of clothing because it’ll expose unsightly scarring or bumps, those of you whose skin problems are always a topic of conversation. all of you are beautiful, just in case no one told you today. 

To people who don't have eczema

Here’s a few tips next time you tell someone with eczema what you think.

“just put lotion it”
-All the lotion in the world could not help

“why do you make that face”
-I’m in pain right now pls stop talking

“I’ve heard cold baths help with that”
-How about YOU try taking a cold ass bath

“What does it feel like”
-you know that one itch you have on your back that you just can’t reach? Imagine that feeling 24/7 all over your body.

“Why don’t you just itch it”
-eczema is known as the “itch that rashes” ITCHING MAKES NOTHING BETTER

“why can’t you use scented lotion”
- k have you ever gotten splashed by boiling water? It’s like that except all over

“It’s cold in here”
-and I am burning

“Ew cover up your eczema so we don’t have to see it”
-I’m so f***ing sorry my eczema is totally ruining your life.

Eczema rubrum on a child of 18 months - duration 1 year

Most cases of eczema show their first signs before the age of 5, and in many cases, before the first 12 months.

Eczema is a widely-defined condition, especially in older literature. It comes from Greek ekzein, meaning “to boil over, to break out”. While it was thought to be used in some ancient texts to refer to any “fiery pustule of the skin”, it wasn’t defined in medical literature until 1753, when it was used to describe the many variations of what we know as eczema today, as well as several other chronic dermatitis conditions.

In the modern world, the term is still confusing, as in many languages and settings eczema and dermatitis are synonyms. In others “dermatitis” simply means an acute condition, while “eczema” means a chronic one. In the US, “eczema” generally means atopic dermatitis. Atopic is defined as an allergic reaction in an area not directly exposed to the allergen - this is why food allergies can lead to eczema outbreaks. 

While cortisone creams and anti-pruritics (anti-itch) agents and avoiding known allergens can help control outbreaks, many times the trigger is unknown, and there’s no cure for the condition.

A Treatise on the Diseases of the Skin for Advanced Students and Practitioners. Henry W. Stelwagon, 1923.


I keep seeing posts about #noshameday and I love all the positivity that’s circling around tumblr.. I’ve had eczema and severe eczema scars and alopecia since I was a child… Doesn’t mean I’m not the baddest bitch? 😘 whatever physical or mental limitations you have.. Don’t let them stop you… God makes no mistakes

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dear people with eczema

keep you nails short, its harder to stop scratching in your sleep
gloves and socks also help
put on cream before and after you go in the shower
rubbing does not help, putting pressure does
you are beautiful have a nice day

This is the first time I’ve shown my face. I have seborrheic dermatitis, a type of eczema. It affects my face (as well as my scalp, ears, and chest) so I’m not usually comfortable taking photos at all because my skin isn’t smooth and pretty. Occasionally, I’ll take a selfie in between flare-ups, but I don’t share them. I can’t wear concealer or foundation at all. Sometimes it’s difficult to live with, there are good and bad days.

There’s so many beautiful selfies going around today, and I almost didn’t post one. I don’t really see other black people with this kind of skin condition, so it was really hard growing up. I got teased for it, along with keeping my hair natural and my ears un-pierced. I still really love my skin (and hair), even if I find it difficult some days, so I have enough courage to join in the blackout.

A kinda sorta self portrait. 
It’s something I don’t really like to talk about, but I was born with a pretty severe form of eczema. My skin is never pretty or soft and theres scars from old rashes as well as new rashes all over me. Some days are harder than others to feel good about it. I constantly worry about having to cover up everything so the hardest part for me is probably just wanting to wear a t-shirt or a sleeveless shirt without feeling so self-conscious about it.
I’m lucky to have a boyfriend who makes me feel beautiful despite it all and I’ve become more accepting of it as of late but there are still days where i look in mirror and feel sad.

Shoutout to all you people with eczema, those with eczema on visible parts of your body like your face, those who have flare ups in the spring time instead of runny nose allergies, those who have acne past the age of 21, those with acne on seasonally inconvenient parts of your body like your back, those who are unable to go to a dermatologist because your insurance doesn’t cover it, those who have yet to find a proper treatment despite all of the trial and error, and those who aren’t normally self-conscious but are because of a skin affliction. It is fucking hard and y'all are beautiful despite all of that

Natural Hair and Seborrheic Dermatitis

Is this it?

I’ve posted about this before, but let me just give you a brief recap before updating you guys on what’s new.

How it all began

i went natural may/June 2011, shortly after that i developed what i thought was dandruff, i used head and shoulders hoping it would go away, but nothing happened, it always came back, then i found out about scalp eczema/ seborrheic dermatitis and thought it was what i had, i was resigned to my fate…because many people said it was incurable (T.T), and then i found a youtube video saying that fragrance in hair products can cause contact dermatitis, so i thought “mm, i got this problem right around the time i started putting all this hair products in my hair” i really didn’t care for my hair much before that, so it was highly likely that it was contact dermatitis, i went fragrance free for a year in 2013/2014 and in the beginning it looked like it was indeed the fragrance and possibly not seborrheic dermatitis at all, but that solution didn’t last long and the scalp issues came back with a vengeance.

 i couldn’t do any long term protective styles, i put anything in my hair (synthetic braids or yarn) and my scalp would literally become white in three days), i just wore wigs everywhere, then broke my edges off because of an unfortunate case of braids, dermatitis and scratching (the eczema nicely covers my front hairline), so i gave up and just used my afro to cover it up (thank God for afros).

it was horrible and i was pi**d off! it was definitely seborrheic dermatitis, large hard flakes that wouldn’t come off my scalp totally, and touching my hair resulted in a mini snowfall and for some odd reason after a while my scalp began to develop this random odd smell after two-three days, so i kept washing my hair 2-3 times a week.


Beginning of this year, i went through an epiphany and just thought i’d change areas of my life, this included going to the freaking GP to finally tell them that i have some whack ass illness on my head, (as opposed to trying to fix it myself). as i tried to show her the symptoms by parting my hair ((¬¬), flakes were just falling to the floor! Anyway, the doctor didn’t even finish her recommendations, i was like “yh tried those already”, she was like “olive oil?” ..and i was like “….Not only olive oil”, so she finally subscribed me a shampoo with 2.5% selenium sulphide (ah aha! something i never tried before) and i delayed a bit because after 3.5 years of no solutions didn’t really think i should rush to buy another shampoo like it was going to be my saving grace… then went to get it at the pharmacist.

usually when i use a normal shampoo or shampoo with anti-dandruff ingredients that don’t really work for me, the flakes never actually come off my scalp, i used this Selsun shampoo (not selsun blue, but they have the same active ingredient) and the white flakes that clung to my scalp for dear life was pretty much gone. i didn’t wan’t to start jumping for joy too fast, i  banded my hair and then half a week later took it down to use the selsun shampoo again (twice a week for two weeks, then once a week afterwards) and lo and behold no flakes falling as i parted my hair!

i pray to God it continues working, i’m actually dreaming of having fun with my hair again!

How this can help you

So you may have this problem and may be barely managing having tried all and everything people have recommended, different anti-dandruff shampoos etc, well i’m here to say that :

1. Stop self-diagnosis and self-prescriptions, go to the doctor!

2. You may think you’re using different shampoos, but the active ingredients in all those different brands may have been exactly the same!

before i went to the doctor, i tried

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

2. Head and Shoulders (probably zinc pyrithione)

3. Neutrogena T-gel (coal tar)

4. Fragrance free

5. Raw active manuka honey (T.T) that cost me £10 for a tiny jar! and sea salt

6. massaging my scalp with a concoction of oils and tea tree oil and peppermint oil

7. Nizoral (Ketaconazole)

Anyways, all that was not MY solution,  Zinc Pyrithione, Coal Tar and Ketaconazole were not My solution, Selenium Sulphide was, so next time you attempt to try a new shampoo, make sure you’re not looking at brand name but at the active ingredient.

i just had to make this post because seborrheic dermatitis is frustrating as hell, causes self-consciousness, probably low-self esteem, embarrassment (people thinking you got dirty hair because you don’t wash, when you wash you hair like once everyday….30 times more than they do in a freaking month) and i was hoping this could be a solution or 95% help to somebody.

i will also be eating well, and taking omega 3 and evening prim rose oil supplements, eating fish and veggies etc, i haven’t really started all that yet, So really, its just the 2.5% selenium sulphide that’s curbed this. in fact i couldn’t be bothered with the third shampoo session and left my hair for a week, i felt a very slight slight i mean sliiiight beginnings of an itch on a small part of my head,but even then there were no flakes on my head, it kind of felt like whatever was causing this issue was trying to raise its ugly head again because i skipped the dose, and even then as i parted my hair (a few hours before writing this post), no flakes fell from my scalp!

(T.T), thank you Jesus! 

Is there an eczema or psoriasis or TSW awareness thing? How does Wear An Uncomfortable Sweater For A Day sound. All you gotta do is go to school/work/bathroom/everything with an uncomfortable, itchy sweater. The sweater should leave trails of itself everywhere you go. The sweater should also have splattered, irremovable blood stains.

People not wearing these sweaters, aka people affected by this, should feel free to make comments about how we can fix these sweaters with lotion or an overzealous diet.

Try to do your errands. Try to have that cute, romantic date. Try to sleep in it.

You won’t like it.