newbie friend was scammed xd

I got one of my best friends to join flight rising last welcome week, they’re a really great person who can’t seem to say no to people.
They scavenged an egg some time last month, and out popped a gorgeous XYY with popular colours, newbie friend was really excited about it. I went on a weekend trip, and by the time I came back someone had convinced her to sell it for 5% of its actually worth, and now I see them selling it at a 500% markup. Newbie friend had no clue what it was worth.
Now a couple of weeks have passed and I haven’t done anything, but I keep on seeing amazing double g1 hatchlings appearing in the same persons lair every few days or so, so I’m assuming they buy Gen ones cheap from newbies and resell them :P
This person’s UN begins with L, and they are well known for their gorgeous XXY obsidian maize and monochrome g1 lair. Please don’t support this person by buying their g1’s as they were probably all scammed from newbies.

The heart wants what the heart wants

I’m so envious of people who like plentiful breeds.  Myself, Wildclaws are the only breed on the site that I like. My lair is almost 100% them.

Longest cooldown time? Check!

Most expensive breed change scrolls on the site? Check check!

I keep hoping they’ll introduce a new breed I like, but thus far, nope. Nocturnes? Blah. Bogsneak? UGH BLECH.

OP of the gen one selling problem post here. Thanks for all your comments!

To answer a few of your questions, no she hasn’t been bred, she has matching lightning eyes, and she does have lore and an art piece in her bio. She isn’t a double or triple, but her colors all look very nice imo since they’re all similar shades of blue. Just no exact matches.

I can lower the price on her I guess, but with all the genes and the art for her, her 950g is already super low and I’d be losing a ton of money, y'know? Glimmer and the art wasn’t exactly cheap. Dropping it down to 700g wouldn’t even cover the cost of her art piece, let alone the lore and genes.

Idk guys. Maybe I’ll take the loss and do that. This sucks. But anyways, thanks again for your suggestions and tips! 


I saw these around the city yesterday.

My city is one where we are currently in the rapid process of gentrification. Old historical buildings are being torn down and replaced with ugly ‘luxury’ condos by rich developers from out of state, and small privately owned businesses, mom-and-pop shops, and cooperatives are being displaced by the same chain shops that one already sees in every city every where. As new homes are built that only rich people from out of state can afford, families and individuals that have lived here their whole lives are finding themselves priced out of the area, and homelessness is on the rise.