The Temples of Humankind of Temples of Damanhur are underground temples located in northern Italy, buried 30m down. Each part depicts a different side of Humanity with murals and collaborative artworks. Theses temples are part of the Federation of Damanhur, a spiritual community and eco village founded by Oberto Airaudi aka Falco in 1978.

“They [anarchists and radical environmentalists] point out that the state and its philosophers, having retrospectively sold us a social contract we never saw nor signed, seem anyway to have reneged on their side of the bargain which was to protect our lives and liberties. The new institutionally guaranteed ‘freedoms’, to democracy, free speech, individual liberty, so dearly brought, constantly fail to live up to expectation. What does it mean to have political freedom when the parties on offer are ideologically identical clones? What kind of intellectual freedom is it that brands all those who dare to think differently dangerous extremists? What kind of individuality expects us all to conform within such narrow limits? What freedoms are even possible when the very air we breathe is poisoned and the food we eat contaminated with the so-called 'by-products’ of progress? In such circumstances, it is surely not surprising that some might choose the dream of pre-contractual state of natural innocence to the increasingly nightmarish 'reality’ of Locke’s post-contractual culture.” - Mick Smith
—  I love researching and writing 10 page papers on anarcho-primivitism and eco-villages. 
The Law of One Spiritual Village in Australia

“It is not of great importance where the establishment of such a network shall occur, and yet it is of great importance that in the transition to a New Earth that the focus or center of such a network be in Australia. After the shifting of the magnetic poles of Earth, Australia shall become the energy centre of that closer to the positive pole of Earth, benefiting as a result of that law seen in the fact that those nations or people closest to the positive pole become the leaders of the world in their time and are seldom or never conquered by those south of their position or further from the pole.

And so Australia has been prepared, largely laid dormant over the centuries, even the ages, and that great mass now seen as desert will bloom. It has been laid waste, as it were, for these centuries for the particular purpose of saving her saved from development or the misuse, abuse of man in your time. So that it has, as it were, lain fallow, and the richness covered there shall become active with this shifting of the axis of polarity and the changing of patterns of weather. This becomes then a change in climate, of temperature, moisture and rainfall, and it will be a breadbasket, a focus of civilization in this changing time of Earth”

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