Eco Sages


Above are the Eco Sages from the video game Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.  The game follows Jak as he travels north when his best friend Daxter is transformed into an otter type creature (called an Ottsel).  His journey focuses on visiting each sage pictured. Each sage represents the color of eco they have mastered, and with it their personalities reflect the abilities of each form of energy.  This is the first post in a look at character design.

Photos Courtesy of Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment America


The Sage’s Deodorant

Can you reach nirvana via a natural, aromatherapeutic deodorant? No, no you can’t. But between the total absence of BO, the uplifting, yet soothing scent of Sage’s unique essential oil blend, the creamy but clean feel of applying Sage’s Deodorant, and the confidence of going all natural, you might feel a little closer.

A few of the mainstream deodorant staples you’ll be freed from when you switch to natural cream deodorant:

  • That strange perfumed-BO funk after a day of deodorant wear
  • Those yellowish stains on the underarms of your white shirts
  • Caked up deodorant on your pits and clothes

In contrast, what makes Sage’s so great?

  • Instead of using aluminum or other questionable ingredients to stop-up your sweat glands, Sage’s uses baking soda and arrowroot powder to absorb naturally expelled sweat.
  • Instead of the caked-on or gooey feel of typical deodorants, Sage’s, made with real shea butter, glides on smooth and absorbs into skin, so you feel fresh and natural and your pits get extra moisture!
  • Instead of using cheap perfumes to try and mask BO, Sage’s employs the power of antibacterial essential oils–as bacteria are what cause sweat to stink in the first place!–to halt BO before it begins.

Sage’s is a full deodorant and a partial antiperspirant. This is because there is no aluminum, nor any other ingredient, in Sage’s that will stop-up your sweat glands as “antiperspirants” are designed to do. This is an intentional omission and sets “natural” deodorant apart. As mentioned above, Sage’s will absorb some sweat, but it will not stop sweating entirely–rather, Sage’s allows your body to expel some sweat naturally, but stops it from stinking!

Scent Profile: Sage’s has a light, mostly green, but slightly woody unisex scent. It’s perfect for women who want to smell fresh, but don’t love smelling flowery or sweet, or for men who want to get away from heavy, spicy scented deodorants. Perhaps best of all, the essential oils in Sage’s are a collection of those that have been used for millennia to ease the mind and spirit. Why not indulge in a little aromatherapy while applying your daily deodorant?

Notice that Madam Pickle’s deodorants come in reusable, eco-friendly glass jars. And the 1.5 ounces of cream deodorant therein is more than comes in typical sticks and you’ll use less per application. Therefore will typical usage, Sage’s will last you 2-4 months!

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