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Let's talk about the Sandover era. How well did Samos get along with the other sages?

I feel like the other sages probably got fed up with Samos a lot? Or at the very least, they ignored him and he them whenever possible, and only really talked for Sagely Business Matters.

Just, the way he says that they ‘haven’t bothered to turn their transport rings on in some time’ is really detached and uncaring? He doesn’t seem at all concerned that something bad might have happened to them to account for their negligence; he only cares about the inconvenience to him personally.

Samos hates travelling (even with the ease of teleportation technology) so he probably wasn’t the type to make social calls. He also likes being in charge and has a tendency to talk down to people (regardless of rank and whether he actually has any authority over them); this likely made it difficult for him to interact with the other sages (who should have been his equals/peers) in a way that he didn’t come across as pompous and overbearing, acting like he knows more than they do (which to be fair, he does know more than them, but it’s still an extremely obnoxious foundation for a relationship). So they most likely preferred to keep to themselves and focus on their own studies.

Also, I could easily see the other Sages being a bit leery of Samos at first– he just showed up out of nowhere one day, a middle-aged dude who just happens to be a highly skilled green eco channeler. If we take into account that channelers are uncommon (particularly sage-level ones) it’d be pretty damn weird for him to just pop out of nowhere, fully trained and prepared to take up the mantle of green sage. The others would have grown up knowing each other and their predecessors, and the previous green sage was likely a trusted colleague of theirs; contrast that with Samos, who would have been extremely cagey about where he’s from and who trained him. They welcomed him because there were no other candidates for green sage at the time, but he’s probably the odd one out at the sage meetings, and while the relationship is polite it’s not quite friendly.

Overall, Samos seems like the type to always assume the worst of others, and he shows a remarkable lack of empathy for those around him (especially noteworthy with how he treats children in his care– his open dislike for Daxter, relying on Jak to fix everything, literally saying that they shouldn’t waste time looking for the Kid because he was 'no longer needed’ after opening the tomb… I mean, yikes). Honestly, I don’t know if I could say he has any truly positive relationships in canon; he seems to genuinely care about Keira, but he’s overprotective and discourages her from taking a more active role pursuing her passions and ambitions, despite her clearly being intelligent and capable– arguably Worst Dad of JnD canon.

Still working on this map, bit by bit, I’ve nearly finished the Jak 2 and Jak 3 locations, most with some additions or changes (some minor some major). I’ll be adding Breezy Valley and the Lumber Mill from Daxter (both West of Haven Forest) soon, as well as Misty Island from The Precursor Legacy. After those I’ll be at the point where I pretty much have to make stuff up from scratch in order to tie the whole thing together.

Brief rundown of the changes to each area, counter-clockwise from the Pumping Station:

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Look for smut fic where Kagome takes Inuyasha back to her house bc he is deathly sick and smuty smut smut

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Er I wish I could tell you I knew exactly which fic that was. I remembera couple Inuyasha being sick stories. I can’t quite remember if any of these have smut though. 

Love Sickness by Kai-Press

 I want you I need you by Aiamee 

Sick Day’s aren’t That Bad by Colhan3000

The Care and Feeding of a Sick Hanyou by Light-Eco-Sage <– I think you mean this one. MediaMinor link for reasons. 

Can A Hanyou Get Sick? by Cranky Mesuinu 

Sick As a Dog by state gem 

Inuyasha and the Cold Syrup by Emerald Eye Monster 

puppy sick by inuxkagforever

 Windowsills by SilverCrystal029

Don’t Leave Me Again by Invisible Firebending Ninja

I’m curious as to whether there’s an actual story behind this render, or if they just wanted something exciting-looking? It looks like Keira (and Samos too, maybe?) might have a different model from the US renders we’re used to, but this is the only render I’ve seen with it. 


jk. Still, that would have been an even cooler render with Gol and Maia in place of Samos up there :(

This is from the back page of the instruction manual for the game.

As always, I’ll be putting all of these under:

  • Eco Theory 

There are six types of naturally occurring eco: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Dark, Light. Green Eco is the energy of Health, Blue is the energy of Motion, Yellow is the energy of Distance, Red is the energy of Strength, Dark is the energy of Corruption and Light is the energy of Spirit. At Gol and Maia’s citadel, Jak and company discover another Eco previously unknown to humans– White Eco. However, this Eco is not naturally occurring, as it was created by using a Precursor Prism mechanism to combine Green, Blue, Yellow and Red. Precursor Prisms were created and used by the Precursors for the division and combination of Ecos. 

However, Prismatic Eco Combinations are incredibly unstable, and cannot exist in combined state for very long without separating into its original colors. Some secondary Eco combinations can be found in Precursor artifacts and technology derived from Precursor technology– such as the combination of Blue and Yellow in Precursor Warp Gates, and the infusion of Red, Blue and Dark Eco into a Yellow Eco base for Haven City’s Yellow Eco guns. 

Combined Eco is very difficult to channel without damage to the host body, due to its instability. Jak is only capable of channeling White Eco due to his incredible natural channeling talent. 

Eco is created from Eco Ore, which is a matrix that holds and produces Eco Crystals. Eco is measured in Curies, with one curie being roughly equivalent to the large floating clusters seen in The Precursor Legacy. Eco production from Ore is a very slow process. (For more on Eco Crystals, see our Eco Ore headcanon post)

All sentient creatures are born with a small amount of Eco in their body. Light Eco acts as the spiritual essence or soul for humans, and can only be seen by those who have enough spiritual awareness. Because of this, few people aside from the Precursor Monks in the wastelands are aware of its existence. Alongside the Light Eco naturally present in the human body, there is a small amount of a colored Eco present at birth, giving them a natural affinity for that Eco color. Culturally, people have assigned traits to each Eco Affinity, similarly to the way we perceive traits based on astrological sign, though it is debatable whether these personality traits are in any way correlated with their Eco Affinity. 

The Eco Affinity is, however, relevant when it comes to Eco channeling and Eco sages, as the naturally occurring quantity of Eco in their body determines how well they can channel different types of Eco. To best understand this, imagine each person to be like an empty glass, and Eco to be a liquid. 

At birth, each glass is already part full, and will remain so for the rest of their lives. However, no two people’s metaphorical glasses will be filled to the exact same degree. The amount of space left over in their glass can be filled with other Eco that they come into contact with. When a person channels Eco, they fill a part of the rest of their glass with the Eco until it runs out. Someone with only a small amount of Eco naturally in their body at birth will thus be able to channel more of the Eco that they come into contact with, and utilize it more efficiently. So, the more “space” left in their glass, the better they are at channeling.

A person will also be able to better channel Eco in the same color as their Affinity. So, a person whose metaphorical glass is filled half-way at birth with Yellow may only be able to channel Blue at half efficiency and for half as long, but they will be able to channel Yellow at the full possible efficiency, and for as long as is humanly possible. A person can only become an Eco Sage for the Eco color of their natural Affinity, after becoming in tune with that Eco after years of study, channeling, and spiritual journey. 

Humans are never born with an Affinity for Dark Eco, and it is incredibly difficult and detrimental to channel. Because of the corruptive nature of Dark Eco, it will latch onto and erode any and all eco naturally present in a human body until it eventually consumes the Light Eco at their spiritual core. The only known creatures capable of harnessing Dark Eco without adverse effects are those that use Dark Eco as their spiritual essence, such as the Metalheads. Metalheads, however, do not channel in the same way that humans do, but instead feed on Eco as a nutrient source, and imbibe its power into their system permanently. 


Please note that this is a headcanon pertaining to Jakwagon fic. As Jakwagon fic attempts to expand on the world of Jak TPL, II and 3 canon, all headcanons are extrapolated from extensive world research, but in the end, they are just headcanons. Enjoy! 
Art by griffysrsbsns

Headcanon central 2

I greatly enjoy the idea that Damas can use white eco, though not to the extent of Jak. Possibly just a bit like healing and putting up a basic shield (useful when he needs to get close to Dark Jak and give him a smack to the back of his head XD). Look at how the eco sages have their looks and even skin and hair color influenced by their element. And what color is Damas’s hair? Tolly hard proof right there. TOLLY!


So if you’ve caught on by now then you know what this gifset is about.


Yep that’s right. 

The ears react due to emotional state, (sculptor) auditory stimulation (fisherman) and physical stimuli (blue eco sage. his ears have a twitch at the end which happens a few times but i’m not gonna catch em all.)

They are also like pool noodles/cat ears. Bendy but retain their shape. (the other fisherman gif and the warrior.) pretty much everyone in TPL has wavy ears, it’s kinda hard to stop paying attention once you notice.

But why do they have big ears? well animals with larger ears use them to take heat away from the body in order to keep cool. Larger ears also have more muscles attached to them and so have a bit more feeling in em.


Above are the Eco Sages from the video game Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.  The game follows Jak as he travels north when his best friend Daxter is transformed into an otter type creature (called an Ottsel).  His journey focuses on visiting each sage pictured. Each sage represents the color of eco they have mastered, and with it their personalities reflect the abilities of each form of energy.  This is the first post in a look at character design.

Photos Courtesy of Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment America