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The True Cost Movie

Directed by Andrew Morgan and Executive Produced by Livia Firth, Lucy Siegle and others, The True Cost is a fashion documentary about the human and environmental impact of fast fashion and the clothing industry in general.

Tom Ford attended the London Premiere and said “I was truly moved by it and I think anyone who isn’t moved by it would be callous. It is brilliant.”

Have you seen the film yet and what did you think?

Although this image just looks like a rock formation, pictured here is actually a species of chiton, Acanthopleura granulata. Recent research on this animal identified functional eye-like structures on each of the shell plates. Rather than being formed from proteins, these “eyes” are actually composed of aragonite, a carbonate mineral. Interestingly, the team of researchers concluded that aragonite can be used to form a lens effective both above and below water.

Photo by Hans Hillewaert (CC)

See: Speiser, D. et al, (2011), A Chiton Uses Aragonite Lenses to Form Images, Current Biology, 21: 8, pp 665-670.


Reptile? No. Fish? No. Earthworm? No. Amphibian? Yes! This animal is a caecilian - in fact, the individual pictured here belongs to a recently discovered species!

Photo by Mark Wilkinson (CC)

See: Wilkinson, M. et al (2013), A new Species of Skin-Feeding Caecilian and the First Report of Reproductive Mode in Microcaecilia (Amphibia: Gymnophiona: Siphonopidae), PLOS ONE.

In 2009, The Canadian Press reported that witnesses saw up to eight males eating cubs around Churchill, Manitoba in one season. In the past, the bears were able to travel the iced-over Hudson Bay for food, but in recent years it was taking more time to freeze over. While tourism was considered a possible explanation, experts also considered that there may be a link to climate change.

Polar Bear Eats Cub: Cannibalism May Be On The Rise (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Naming Harper Leigh and Leigh Harper

Naming your main characters- or any characters really- can be quite a significant task if you want the name to have a deeper meaning or be of some consequence for the character. We decided to name our main characters, 14-year-old identical twins, after my favorite author Harper Lee. Chapter Nine in The Enchanted Cottage of Oceania alludes to this decision, but from the perspective of the twins’ parents, Chester and Lydia Reynolds.