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Documentary distributor Dogwoof, which acquired “Blackfish” in 2013, has announced that they have closed a multi-territory sales deal with NBCUniversal.

What this means is that “Blackfish” will soon be arriving in Asia, Italy, Portugal, central and eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and Latin America! Woohoo!

This is excellent news since it will allow Tilikum’s story to spread to nearly every corner of the Earth and hopefully inspire many viewers to boycott marine park facilities and speak up in support of true orca conservation.

With reductions in summer sea ice extent, many species of arctic marine mammal face an uncertain future. Some of these mammals rely exclusively on sea ice for crucial life-history stages, including molting, reproduction, and resting. The polar bear tends to represent these endangered animals, acting as the flag-bearer with its more majestic appearance. As a result, many of the slightly stranger arctic marine mammals tend to go unnoticed. The narwhal is once such alternative mammal, which with its large helical tusk, looks remarkably like some giant aquatic cocktail sausage.

Photo by Glenn Williams (PD)

See: Marcoux, M., (2011), Local Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Narwhal Presence in the Canadian Arctic: A Pilot Project,  ARCTIC, VOL. 64, NO. 3 pp 307–316.

65 Tips to Save Money Through Self-Reliance

Apply a do-it-yourself approach to personal finance to significantly reduce your living expenses. Follow these tips to save money from our community of readers and experts to start living on less today.

By Kale Roberts

Photo by iStockphoto/ivstiv


Cornwall Gardens | Eco-Friendly Family Home In Singapore

Designed by Singapore studio Chang Architects, Cornwall Gardens is an environmentally friendly family home. The intention was to create an “open home, a cool tropical paradise for the family, encouraging their children to raise their families here when they grow up”.

Woah! Great development for the Taiji dolphins from the Japan Times!

In response to the international outcry over the cruelty of the annual Taiji dolphin hunt, Japanese government officials have been quick to defend it by using the predictable excuse of “tradition.”

However, Japan Times has slammed this excuse by saying, in a recent editorial: “Their argument that the force of tradition justifies the herding, capturing and slaughtering of dolphins is a flimsy one. Many past cultural practise, such as slavery, bordellos and beheading were stopped for ethical reasons. Tradition and culture are forces that change in accordance with new scientific understanding and evolving ethical standards.”

Read the rest of the story here.


The True Cost Movie

Directed by Andrew Morgan and Executive Produced by Livia Firth, Lucy Siegle and others, The True Cost is a fashion documentary about the human and environmental impact of fast fashion and the clothing industry in general.

Tom Ford attended the London Premiere and said “I was truly moved by it and I think anyone who isn’t moved by it would be callous. It is brilliant.”

Have you seen the film yet and what did you think?

Small-Space Gardening

Growing food in small spaces can be fun and productive — you just need a little sunshine and some imagination.

By Roger Doiron


If you didn’t already just love Monsanto for all the wonderful ways they’ve helped purify our food system (cough cough), this just in: they’re probably helping to kill off the beautiful Monarch butterfly in significant numbers, too.