very rushed scribble because some friends haven’t been doing so well and these two are a sweet counterbalance

big boy kevu belongs to @darth-brendol-hux , littler boy iso belongs to @theronsham ! they’re not even close to the same height, iso’s probably in heels again or getting lifted into that hug


I really hate this trend of AAVE in marketing. Even if ads like these are the work of black writers, it’s still sickening. It’s shameless pandering to Black dollars. Like am I supposed to be wowed by your “elevation” of my lowly negro pattern of speech? These are the same mega corporations that systematically reject black people from their upper ranks. I’m sleep, however.

Sketch request from last week’s livestream. They wanted grumpy-mode Laz'ab, complete with nightcap and coffee he hasn’t yet had a chance to enjoy. Apparently this is pre-timeskip, too, as I forgot how to draw my own character and gave him his arm back.

Star Wars: the Old Republic © BioWare
Characters and Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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Painting commissioned by @justaservitor and @therabbitech of Hizak (Seqh’iza’kesh) and Nliuha (Ren’liuh’acosu)!

Hizak and Nliuha had touched down on a station orbiting Csilla and are on their way to take a dropship down to the planet when they are met by an angry crowd protesting their arrival. It had been over 50 years since a member of House Seqh had stepped foot on Csilla after they were condemned for their crimes of greed and forced to leave the planet. Nliuha, on the other hand, hadn’t been home since her brother was murdered and her mother exiled; she is also coming back as a woman when she had left as a man.