The cognitive and sensory impairments associated with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia often result in difficulty eating. 

Eatwell bowls are designed with slanted bottoms that help food collect to one side for easy scooping. The interior of the dining ware is also bright blue in color, an uncommon hue for food which helps users with dementia identify food in their bowls with ease. Spoons are intentionally designed to hug the side of the dinnerware, making collecting food easier and preventing spillage. Handles for drinking cups and utensils are made to allow for easy gripping and stability.

The result of all these intentional elements working together is a dining set that has been found to allow users with dementia to consume 24% more food and 84% more liquid.

Learn more about this Eatwell set here.

Caramel nice cream with gojis, mulberries, strawberries and a sprinkle of coconut sugar 🍌

this has to be my most favorite pancakes i’ve ever made … 😏 magical chocolatey pancakes (recipe on the blog) with cashew butter , frozen blackberries / blueberries , quinoa pops , cacao bean nibs ‘n … maple syrup , duhhh 😌 (can’t have pancakes without maple syrup , right ? 😉) which i had for breakie today 🌌🌠make a wish , guys … 😌 p.s. who loves my new mug ? i know i do haha it’s so cozy ‘n trendy lookin’ 😉👀🎬🐾🌞🌊🌴

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This is THE perfect salad! It has everything I want and need. Massaged kale. Avocado! Rainbow veggies: purple cabbage, carrots, capsicum, green onions. A lot of fresh herbs. Seeds to munch crunch. And millet. Recipe is on the blog xx
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Caramel nice cream with mulberries, pomegranate seeds and strawberries served with a side of classic British weather✨☔️