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im combining 2 aus and nobody can stop me ok did!psychotic!ty being so giggly and happy with his alters like the entire system giggling over how Tyler's only been able to smell toast for the past 3 hours and all the alters cofronting except for ty and them helping josh plan a perfect surprise date for tyler and when j surprises ty with it he grins from ear to ear aaa i love this -🐯

this s soo cute tys ecstatic fidgetin w his bracelets n ignorin th mean impulsive thoughts in th back of his head as he cuddles w josh eatin slices of cake n listenin t blurry n donnie play-bicker ovr whos idea th party ws in the first place

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I've lost 3 lbs in 2 days.

Thats not v healthy, yo. Pls make sure ur eatin healthy fruits n veggies n hydrating yourself appropriately

“How do you eat such sweet shit and not keel over?” 

“Ah it’s not that bad Stanley! just think of it like a Smore but with honey and toast instead a’ marshmallows.”

“So nothing like a Smore at all.”

“ Well the chocolate’s the same.”

Fiddlestan Summer Bonanza day 7: Honey, Seashells, chocolate. 

In which Fiddleford and Stan have a completely inane conversation about snacks and there’s a seashell mobile for some reason.

How They React When You Ask Them To Eat You Out (BTS)

Requested by a sexy anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! I do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell me who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3

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Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: Mmm hmm, it’s dinner time. Namjoon would be ALLL FOR eatin you out, I’d bet mad money on it. He’d love the sounds you make and how he has to hold your hips down so you can’t squirm out of his grasp. Prob leave little singer shaped bruises on your thighs and hip, but you wouldn’t care

YOONGI: He’d be a little surprised by your forwardness at first, but I’m sure he’s really like the fact that you feel comfortable enough that you can tell him what you want like that. As for actually doing it, I feel like he might’ve been waiting and wanting for this day to come for a long time (thank jesus for his mouth and them rhymes he spit, mixtape anyone?)

HOSEOK: Oh yes, honey, he’d prob be the one to ask you himself. He’s the type to just dive in and drown in you.He’d absolutely love looking up at your face and watching the expressions and pleasure take over you. He would get hard just thinking about it (I know y’all like this gif)

SEOKJIN: He might be kinda flustered and feel bad a bit that he hadn’t thought to offer it to you, since you’d gone down on him many times. He would certainly make up for it in intensity though. He wouldn’t let you off the bed until you were crying and your legs were shaking.

JIMIN: Ohh his cheeks would get so rosy, you would think he got slapped. Though it made him a tiny bit shy and he may question his ability a bit, it would turn him on so fast and immediately indulge you in your request

TAEHYUNG: 1000000027693% confident in his mouth, like how could anyone be like this. He’d prob drop his face right between your legs right then and there (depending on where you were, not totally banning public places here). He’d have you shaking and screaming his name within minutes.

JUNGKOOK: The question would knock him off balance for a sec for sure, not knowing quite how to respond to it. He was shy enough when you had offered to blow him the first time, so this would certainly make his little cheeks burn. He’d think about how good it felt to him and how much pleasure he could give you with just his mouth. He’d act all casual when agreeing, but he’d already be fully hard and super excited to try his hand at it (or should I say, tongue?)

(y’all makin me thirsty here)

Today’s salad 🍃

I finely chopped kale, spinach, cucumber and bell pepper. And then I topped the salad with dried cranberries, almonds and sundried tomatoes, and for creaminess I added my pea paste 😋

By Popular Vote, These Are the Results ft. My Fav Comments lol

Doyoung: Boobs man “i think he secretly got a thing for ass”

Yuta: Both “u know sometimes he can like eatin ass but he gotta succ the titties”

Hansol: Boobs man “listen Hansol is skinny he can’t handle a phat ass”

Taeyong: Ass man “imagine him standing next to you while ur shopping and his hand very casually lingers over the smaller end of ur back and then drop to your ass! that FIRM SLOW SQUEEZE WIT HIS STRONG ASS HAND”

Jaehyun: Boobs Man “He wants something as soft as Doyoung to lay on when he’s sleepin //  I feel like he’ll be like ‘babe come here’ and just squeeze a tit”

Ten: Ass man “dancers LOVE ASS and Ten seems like the type to just go in for a hug n squeeze ur ass like he rly do that he wants a bubble butt”

Johnny: Ass man “he’s too kind to look at boobs, but if that person turns around 👀// he all about that cake 🍰🍰🍰”

Winwin: Boobs man “younger boys are always obsessed with boobs”

Taeil: Ass man “don’t be surprised, this one a freak 👅”

Kun: Ass man “if Kun can’t find a woman with an ass as nice as his own, he’s all over it”

Mark: SIKKKEE U THOT “tht aint his business he gotta do his math homework first!!!”

Haechan: ^^