One green fire belly toad. must go into at least 10 gallons with about 1/3 of the space being land and the rest being water. would prefer to give to a home with another frog already or one who plans to get more.

He eats live crickets dusted in calcium + d3 powder and vitamin powder. he gets two crickets 3x a week. I can give you the rest of his crickets but not the calcium and vitamin powders.

I am located just south west of the twin cities in minnesota

please message me if interested and boost

reason for rehoming: his friend escaped and i do not want to lose him too. i would rather he go to a home likely more suitable for him than mine where he will not escape

three word starters.

❛ please don’t go. ❜
❛ don’t turn around. ❜
❛ eat my dust. ❜
❛ suck my ass. ❜
❛ what’s for dinner? ❜
❛ drunk i’m not. ❜
❛ where’s your coat? ❜
❛ bring some beers. ❜
❛ are you home? ❜
❛ say my name. ❜
❛ i can’t go.❜
❛ i’d like none. ❜
❛ well fuck me. ❜
❛ are you sick? ❜
❛ i’m freezing cold. ❜
❛ you’re all wet. ❜
❛ are you drunk? ❜
❛ don’t look back. ❜
❛ it says ‘positive’.❜
❛ run far away.❜
❛ you are screwed. ❜
❛ damn it’s hot. ❜
❛ get here easily? ❜
❛ don’t touch me. ❜
❛ it’s cold out. ❜
❛ just leave me. ❜
❛ i like you. ❜
❛ talk to me. ❜

I can’t believe Stephanie Cordato Patrick accidentally ended up at a sketchy Halloween rave party in an abandoned warehouse without a floor.

I am incredibly interested in how she ended up there, especially considering she said you had to pay some guy on a street corner for a map.

The biggest scandal at my entire school career happened in 8th grade when the cross country team had shirts that said, “How’s my running? Call 1-800-EAT-DUST” and people ended up calling it and it was a gay phone sex line so there were hundreds of thirteen and fourteen year olds calling a gay sex line and the administration ended up banning the shirt.