Your own Yoga is the only Yoga.

The five principles from Krishnamacharya are:

1. The asana serves the breath, no the other way around. Or, as Mark Whitwell says, “The body movement is the breath movement.“

2. The breath starts and ends the movement, so we only move when we breathe.

3. Inhalation is reception to above (the chest moves first, then the tummy); exhalation is strength from below (the abs move in and up, then the chest settles).

4. Asana creates bandha; bandhas serve the breath. Whitwell defines bandhas as the intelligent coordination of muscle groups—that’s a refreshingly easy definition.

5.Asana allows for pranayama, which allows for meditation. Asana is moving pranayama, both of which you can do as an active choice.

Meditation, on the other hand, arises as a result of asana and pranayama. It arises spontaneously and naturally, not as a result of an act of will.(I totally agree with this! Meditation is not concentration. It really just happens…or not, like sunny weather.)

You don’t have to learn a new style of yoga, just incorporate these principles into your own practice and let me know how it works for you.


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