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Low Spoons Cooking

(I’m making this post for a friend, but I figured some other people might get some use out of it as well.)

I know it can be super difficult to find the time and the energy to cook things sometimes. Even just looking up recipes can be super stressful when you’re low on spoons, because everything seems to take so much effort. But please, friends! You should still eat something! D: 

This is a list of sites and blogs that house good, simple, cheap recipes which hopefully will help. Everything is easier if you have a crock pot/slow cooker! 

  • http://no-more-ramen.tumblr.com - this site has a “no chopping” tag and a “crockpot” tag for if you really just can’t today, and also makes sure to note gluten/nut/egg/dairy and vegetarian/diabetic-friendly recipes! Super awesome!

  • http://lowspoonsgourmet.tumblr.com - they organize things by spoon number in the tags, from 1 spoon to 7 spoons! Unfortunately their mods aren’t 100% consistent on tags BUT it looks like you can find good recipes under either the “recipe” tag or the “mod fae” tag. 

  • http://www.budgetbytes.com - This site has a ton of crockpot recipes. Just throw the ingredients in the cooker and walk away, come back whenever!! These recipes have a lot more ingredients than some other ones but you can always ignore half of the list if you don’t have them, or substitute. 

  • http://allrecipes.com/recipes/157/everyday-cooking/campus-cooking/ - Campus cooking sites are good too because they specialize in recipes that make a lot of food out of very few ingredients. 

  • http://ridiculouslyeasyfood.tumblr.com - not a lot here, but what they do have is really good and easy to make, especially on a budget! Plus, good directions!

  • The tag “low spoons food” on tumblr itself also has a good number of recipes and advice, from what I can see. 

That’s it for now! If you know of any other good resources or have any feedback, please let me know. Hopefully this helps someone!