We’re coming back to Manila on December 9th & 10th! The shows are FREE which means you can come with all of your friends! The bigger the group, the better :) Make sure to come down on:

December 9, 2012 (6pm) - Venice Piazza MacKinley Hill
December 10, 2012 (6pm) - Eastwood Mall, Open Grounds

Colton Dixon's Grand Fans Day - ONE FOR THE BOOKS!
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February 12, 2013

Everyone wants to meet their favorite celebrity/ies, right? It’s like one of the best things that could ever happen in your fangirl life! ☺

Last Tuesday, without any hesitations, I went to Eastwood Mall Open Park to meet Colton Dixon (again!) Even if it took me 4 rides to get there, it was still all worth it. I sat on a bench for like 3 hours while waiting for the gates to open. I didn’t mind the heat of the sun anymore… Everything for the love of Colt. Dedication, guys! ♥

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Kakauwi lang..

galing Eastwood Mall. Pwedeng mag'kwento? Ajeje. AKALAIN KO AT NG AKING MGA KAPATID, binilhan kami ni mama at papa ng Jansport. TALAGANG TALAGANG SHOCK AKO. Kasi, ganda ganda ng bag ko eh. Artwork sya. Hindi ko kayang palitan, eh kasi.. LOVE KO YUNG BAG KO NA YUN. :“> So, pasukan nanaman sa Tuesday, di ko alam gagamitin ko! :| Sabi ni papa, basura daw bag ko. Hindi naman. HUHUHUHU! :( Pero, hindi sila kuripot kanina ah, infairness. :)))) Daming weird talaga sa Eastwood! As in. TAPOS MAY NAKITA PA KAMING ARTISTA. Si.. CHRISTIAN VASQUEZ. Hahaha. Yung sa Budoy. Eto pic.. 

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Haaaaay.. laki katawan. :( HAHA. Yiipeeeeeeeeee. Ay leche, ang haba na ata. HOHO. Have a nice day everyone. :)

Mr. Bean

Last night, we had dessert at this newly opened place in Eastwood Mall called Mr. Bean (and I don’t mean Rowan Atkinson). They had all things soy - soya milk, taho (bean curd with brown sugar syrup and tapioca pearls), soy pancakes, soy frozen yogurt and soy smoothies.

Their soy pancakes looked very tempting - the fillings they had included kaya (coconut jam), cheese, chocolate and peanut.

We ordered a large taho and a chocolate pancake. The taho was just as good as your friendly neighborhood taho vendor’s - warm, sweet and silky.

As for the chocolate pancake, well, I am its newest fan! The cake itself was served warm, soft and airy… 

…and the chocolate filling was rich and decadent, and not too sweet (just the way I like it). Think thick hot chocolate/dark chocolate ganache…yum…

Will definitely be going back to this place again! I still have to try the other pancake flavors but I think chocolate will remain a constant favorite. :)

Watch on illalwaysbetheone-blog.tumblr.com

Can’t stop watching this. He made this vid after his showcase at Eastwood. He was so damn cute and funny when he was mimicking Thor.:“>

Seemed like he was the only one playing in Timezone in this video. LOL. Did they close it for him?:)) 

"I look like freakin’ Toshio going through puberty right now…like totally." –> FTW!!! HAHAHA

La Creperie

G and I will obviously never get tired of this place. After a jam-packed day of visiting our wedding dress maker, afternoon with my family and cleaning out the rest of our apartment, we had dinner then dessert at our fave La Creperie. This time, we tried the Apple Crisp a la Mode, which definitely lived up to its name. The apples still had a bit of crunch and were nicely caramelized, the oatmeal walnut crumbs were flavorful and crisp, and the caramel had a deep, sweet flavor. Of course the crepe itself was just right! This is G’s top fave among the other crepes we’ve had here so far. Still, we have yet to try the other flavors here :)