Eastern Shore

“It would seem from this extraordinary movement that a serious attack somewhere in Virginia or Maryland, is contemplated by the Enemy.”

Letter from William Lambert of Lancaster County, Virginia to James Monroe, Secretary of State , 07/15/1814

General Records of the Department of State. National Archives Identifier: 6207548

In this letter William Lambert shares information about large ships seen passing up the middle of the Chesapeake Bay as well as an additional force and his fear of an imminent attack in Virginia or Maryland.

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“Negro Life in Maryland” [Unidentified African American family outside cabin]
Eastern Shore, Maryland
circa 1890-1900
Unidentified photographer
Eastern Shore Photo Album Collection
Maryland Historical Society
PP83 I.18.2 (Album 2)

The Eastern Shore Photo Album Collection contains two albums of photographs depicting the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. There is no indication of who took the photos and for what purpose.

The original image (top) is severely yellow. The detail image is edited: yellow has been reduced by adding cyan and the levels were adjusted to brighten the image.